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The road so far…

The road so far… The road so far…

By Ginna Young

Carry on my wayward son...

The strains of that Kansas song have been the opening to each season finale of Supernatural for 14 years, but now in its 15th and final season, fans are bracing themselves for the last time they hear the now iconic words. Oh, we know it won’t be the absolute last time we’ll hear it, but as fans of the ending show, it feels like the last time.

For those of you who don’t know, Supernatural is a show on the CW network, that premiered Tuesday, Sept. 13, 2005. It was originally supposed to be about two brothers, who went looking for their missing father.

Dad’s on a hunting trip and he hasn’t been home in a few days.

The show would focus on the brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, as they battled the monster of the week, traveling across the United States. Over time, the television series evolved into a story of (in fans’ opinion) an epic journey, battling good vs. evil, of going up against the baddest baddies to stave off the apocalypse, time after time.

Saving people, hunting things, the family business.

From the start, I, and the other fans of the show, have been fascinated, not just by the lore displayed on the series, but by the compelling story lines and the ’80s music blasted regularly throughout the episodes. And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Baby – a black 1967 Chevy Impala, in which the brothers travel around, defeating their foes and vanquishing the monsters.

Sam and Dean got into the family business when they were just children. In fact, Sam was only a few months old, when their mother was killed by a demon in his nursery. Hold on, I know you’re probably thinking, “Demon, what the heck kind of show are you watching!?” Well, it is about supernatural beings.

Anyway, the brothers have been through a lot in their lives, including both of them getting killed multiple times, getting brought back to life, going to Hell, Heaven and even Purgatory. The worst things they have gone through, are the losses they faced. Their dad, their mom, their friends and other hunters, significant others and Bobby, a man who practically raised them when their father took off on his quest of vengeance.


Sam is the bookworm of the two, but I gravitated toward older brother Dean. He is the classic bad boy, but with a heart of gold he likes to keep hidden from the world. Dean and I are almost two peas in a pod, personality wise.

It’s funny, but Supernatural has always seemed to mirror what’s going on in my own life – minus a few monsters. Raised by a Marine father, Dean is by-the-books and has a

hard time changing his mind once it’s made up. He’s also very determined and he usually gets what he wants, even when the odds are impossible.

But what I do have is a G.E.D. and a give ’em Hell attitude, and I’ll figure it out.

Dean has always longed for normalcy and it was denied to him, that apple pie, picket fence life he so greatly desires. He just keeps going, even when the cards are stacked against him. If you haven’t guessed, I greatly admire this character.

Honestly, I think the world’s going to end bloody. But it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight. We do have choices. I choose to go swingin’.

When the show first began, it was inconceivable that a Winchester could be pals with a demon or Satan, but that’s what happened. Although I wouldn’t recommend getting chummy with demons in real life, Crowley, the demon King of Hell, and Lucifer, or Lucy, as we call him, were two of the most beloved recurring roles on the show.

Supernatural proves that not everything is black and white; there’s a lot of gray out there, too.

Now, after 15 years together, the brothers are ready to pack it in for one final adventure, one final showdown, along with their loyal angel friend, Castiel. I’ll be honest. I’m not ready for it. I wanted the show to go on forever.

It’s made me laugh, it’s made me cry. It’s affirmed feelings, it’s taught me that family don’t end in blood and that it doesn’t start there, either. Sometimes, it’s made me feel so vulnerable, I didn’t even want to come to work the next day.

Please, don’t say it’s just a show. To those of us who are fans, it’s so much more. It’s become a way of life for us. It may sound silly, but through our fandom, we’ve found lifelong friends and a sense of belonging. Without our online groups, I wouldn’t have a dear friend I met from Missouri, or nearly as much to discuss with my co-workers (two out of three are fans).

The actors have also displayed traits to emulate, with the message of always keep fighting (against depression or anything, really). If that’s not a great message for everyone, I’ll give it up.

The series finale (yep, it did pain me to write that) is set for Thursday, Nov. 19, and I am absolutely sure I will be a wreck that next day. My co-workers have kindly suggested I take that Friday off to deal with my sorrow, especially since I don’t know how it will end.

But then again, nothing ever really ends, does it?

It’s not looking good for the boys or humanity. I sincerely hope it’s not one of those, it-was-all-a-dream things, because I will be royally ticked, after all we’ve been through. At the least, the producers and writers have known for some time that this would be the last season, as the lead actors, while the best of friends and grateful to their fans, wanted to go in a different direction with their lives.

Hopefully, there won’t be any unfinished business left for fans to chafe over or a cliffhanger.

No matter how Supernatural ends, I know the family it built will live on. The values it taught will live on. And I can only hope the flannel-wearing Winchesters live on as well, cruising the open road in search of another case and the perfect burger, even if it’s only in their version of Heaven.

…There’ll be peace when you are done.