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– Letter to the Editor –

– Letter to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

If you vote for a candidate you don’t like or one who supports policies you don’t like, or because you hate some other candidate more and are voting against them – your vote is a self destructive vote. You will get to see a candidate you don’t like elected, policies you oppose enacted and you will probably dislike the candidate you helped elect, every bit as much as the candidate you hated.

Voting for what you don’t want is a self destructive vote. It will destroy you from the inside. Your desires for America will never come true until you vote for what you want.

No vote is ever a wasted vote. All politicians count all the votes. They want your vote. They especially want the votes made against them. The only wasted vote is the vote not cast.

Those voters have lost faith in the system. If people don’t vote because they know their candidate will lose, they fail to realize their vote may cause whoever wins to alter their policies or priorities.

Two political parties hold a lock on our system. Two parties is no choice. If we want more choice, voters need to vote for other options. Voters must vote for what they want, even if their candidate has little chance of winning.

In Wisconsin, we have five choices for president. If the two dominant parties do not give you what you want, let them know, vote for the candidate that best reflects what you want. The government we have today, is the direct result of voters choosing the lesser of two evils for generations.

I’m voting for Jo Jorgensen for president, she’s a candidate I like. My vote will be for change and it will not be wasted.

Kevin Litten, Cadott