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– Letter to the Editor –


– Letter to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

Heartfelt expression of our political beliefs is the heart and soul of the political system, and is to be encouraged during this time of the year. But when this expression of beliefs crosses the line to destroying the property of a person with differing beliefs or trespassing on their property to steal political signs, this has become nothing less than violence and bullying.

Sunday night, some disrespectful and shameless person, for the third time, destroyed the signs I had in my yard. This time, they stole them and stole my property, as well. What’s more, these disrespectful people stole every sign throughout our neighborhood, that supported a Democratic candidate, while not touching one right-leaning sign.

When my wife heard what happened, she said to me, “I just feel so violated and trampled on. I am so, so sad. I thought I was surrounded by good and decent people, but I’ve learned that some are full of hate, and don’t care how they violate their neighbor’s rights or property by coming into my yard, near my house and stealing my signs. I wish they’d stop (and you know who you are). People have just as much right as you to display their beliefs.”

We want to make it clear that INTIMIDATION AND BULLYING WILL NOT WORK WITH US. YOU CAN STEAL OUR SIGNS, BUT YOU CANNOT STEAL OUR VOTES. We intend to vote for the candidates we believe will put an end to this hatred and division, and who will try to pull our nation and state together for the wellbeing of all, and we urge all of the citizens of Chippewa County, to do the same.

Vern and Emilie Weeks, Cadott