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– Letter to the Editor –

– Letter to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

On this Patriots Day Eve, the global war on terrorism was about to permanently and totally change our way of life. This Patriots Day, Friday, Sept. 11, at the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute/ Citizens Soldiers Monument in Cadott, will host a tribute ceremony.

Opportunities at all three locations for the public, include ringing the Freedom Bell Moving Salute. Many people describe supernatural/multi-dimensional feelings. Videos are encouraged.

People can also sign the 9/11 Always Remember Flag. To “toll” the bell in honoring a loved one or cause – with a personal signature and a short quote on the flag, can be inspiring so that others might emulate!

There will also be an update on the Old Abe War Eagle “13” Stone Salute Project.

The public is invited to observe and participate in the 9/11 recognition ceremony. The Program starts at 7:45 a.m., in front of the 76,000-pound monument, regardless of inclement weather. (After all, military, cops, firefighters, EMTs don’t take weather breaks.) The bell will first ring when the first plane hit the north Twin Tower. The bell rings at each 9/11 attack that day.

Larry Buttke has coordinated the Cadott event, over the past seven years. Larry is “old school,” and is making dozens of phone calls to Gov. Tony Evers’ office, local lawmakers, VIPs and even former Congressman Dave Obey.

Confirmed is Jim Anderson, United Airlines pilot. His classmate was a pilot on a plane crashing into the Twin Towers. Several active and retired law-enforcement, firefighters and EMTs will also attend.

This recognition could be, with your help, evolving into being the most prestigious and honorable 9/11 events in Wisconsin!

This Cadott site is very appropriate indeed, it is home to the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute/Citizen Soldier Monument, unique in the world 97 ways; located on State Hwy. 27, which is recognized in state statutes and depicted on state highway maps recognized as a Wisconsin Citizen Soldier Hwy!

State Hwy. 29 is a World War I Highway. A brief mention will be made about the 1918 Spanish Flu impacts – compared to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The Citizen Soldier Monument itself is 14 feet long, 10 feet high and 76,000 pounds. Its black granite majestically emblazoned edging honors law-enforcement, firefighters and EMTs.

On this monument are several depictions of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, as well as a quote by then Pres. George W. Bush, “Whether we bring our enemies to justice or justice to our enemies – justice will be done!”

Cadott is a very patriotic community! Huge banners (compliments of the FFA Alumni) portraying the Star-Spangled Banner and the Pledge of Allegiance, are prominently displayed at both the Cadott High School and grade school gymnasiums!

Suggestions have been made that the Sept. 11 Patriot Day statewide ceremony, be located at the Wisconsin Citizens Soldier/ Citzien Soldier Monument. Area lawmakers will be asked to spearhead such efforts.

The Sept. 11 proclamation, should be delivered to all K-12 public/private schools, colleges, universities, state and local units of government.

Please pass the word about these events. After all, “We won’t forget – we won’t give up!”

God Bless you, your loved ones and our troops!

Dave Zien, Eau Claire