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My ever-growing “to do” list

My ever-growing “to do” list My ever-growing “to do” list

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Has anyone else’s “to do” list gotten... longer? I had so much hope throughout the early days of quarantine, that my extra time at home would lead to a severely shortened list of tasks to complete.

To a point, it did. My fish tank is clean and just waiting for me to fill it with goldfi sh. At the same time, my fish tank is clean. Do I really want to put dirty fish in it? Fish are awfully cute, though. We’ll see.

I also managed to clean out a number of drawers and totes. I can find everything easier, including the card stock I was originally looking for when I made the spur-of-the-moment decision to clean everything out. By the way, the sought after card stock was right where I left it, in the third most obvious spot.

I must not have been bored enough to blow through a “to do” list, or I was at least good enough at procrastinating, that I never truly caught up on anything. I think it was mid-April, when I began to see memes online, asking if it was too early to put up the Christmas tree. After all, they (allegedly) had the time.

It turns out, the extra time at home also gave me more time to think of the things that I should put on my “to do” list. That photo book from my trip to Russia, three years ago? Yeah, I should probably finish that, before I forget what all I took pictures of.

On the bright side, I did pick up learning Russian again, so there is hope I can still read the signs I took pictures of, to help me remember where I was.

Speaking of photos, my family should probably get on those family photos before the last minute, huh? We’re on it.

I also forgot that I have a pathetically small penny collection going, which I discovered when I was going through stuff at my parents’ house. It had four pennies in it already, but lucky for me, I was preparing to take change to the bank. So, I went through those and added to the collection. Why not?

It also made my dad think of filling a collector’s book with quarters, since he likes to keep the “good” ones, which are basically any of the state or national park quarters.

The activity sounded like a father/daughter bonding experience that should probably happen and his birthday is fast-approaching, so I ordered some collector’s books. Cue adding another strange task to the to do list. Fun? Yes. Time consuming? Also, yes.

The lofty goals continue. I recently got it stuck in my head that I need to make kombucha (fermented tea, not as alcoholic as you would hope). So far, I’ve purchased all the supplies the internet says I need to make my very own.

Supposedly, kombucha-making is a long, but mostly hands-off and easy process. And, everything you read on the internet is true, so what could possibly go wrong? In theory, I’ll have some kombucha of my very own in three to six weeks.

I also have a friend visiting in the coming week, so I’m trying to get the house in line before he comes. He’ll probably appreciate the kombucha experiment growing on the kitchen counter.

Putting my Christmas tree up in April? At this point, I’ll just be happy if I remember that I have a tree to put up come the end of November.

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If you cannot do great things, do small things in a great way.

~ Napoleon Hill