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Soyfoods make for great dips and dressings

You’re probably already on a mission to eat more fruits and vegetables. Like most of us, you’ve explored the culinary and health benefits of plant proteins, too. Now it’s time to complement the season’s garden-fresh produce with condiments that incorporate soyfoods, such as tofu and miso.

Soyfoods are excellent sources of high-quality protein and provide a healthy mix of polyunsaturated fat. According to Euromonitor, 59 percent of global consumers are now motivated to buy high protein foods, such as soyfoods. For example, tofu is a cholesterol-free plant protein that offers all the essential amino acids in amounts required to meet nutritional needs of children and adults.

Few things are as good as ripe fruits – peaches, nectarines, berries – unless it’s ripe fruit enhanced by a sweet tofu-based dip. Not only will you add protein with this dip, you’ll add flavor. This easy-to-make dip is rich enough for a dessert, but simple enough for a quick afternoon snack.

Ranch Dressing remains the most popular salad dressing flavor in the country. You can easily make your own plant protein version, featuring tofu. Serve tofu ranch dip with raw vegetables, toss it into garden-fresh salads or use it as a change-of-pace condiment for BLT sandwiches.

Mayonnaise is currently the favorite condiment in the U.S., but did you know you can add even more pizazz by stirring miso into it? Use this happy marriage of miso and mayo, as a sandwich spread for grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, vegetable warps or your burger of choice.

For dips and dressings made with soyfoods, visit thesoyfoodscouncil. com.

The Soyfoods Council is a non-profit organization, created and funded by Iowa soybean farmers, providing a complete resource to increase awareness of soyfoods, educate and inform media, healthcare professionals, consumers, and the retail and foodservice market, about the many benefits of soyfoods.