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– Letters to the Editor –

– Letters to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

The government has a fiduciary duty to keep the country solvent, to protect the public trusts assets from damages (infrastructures), so that future beneficiaries can enjoy their constitutional rights of freedom, justice and liberty undiminished.

The poor in the United States do not enjoy or experience the freedom, justice and liberty of a constitutional republic. And that is a tragedy.

Donald A. Newell, Redgranite Letter to the Editor:

Ever since Gov. Tony Evers declared hair/nail salons nonessential, I have noticed Planned Parenthood pretending to be closed, although deemed them essential.

In my locality, Planned Parenthood does not have their name on the building. Employees have been sneaking in on a different route and parking behind the facility to give the impression that they are closed.

But, they are open for business, complete with their usual guards who come out to escort women in, lest the possible presence of any pro-life person upset their clients.

In Gov. Evers’ mindset, the killing of 3,000 children every business day, is essential.

Deanne Sczepanski, Whitehall Letter to the Editor:

Imagine soon, that you call 911 with an absolute emergency situation. Mere seconds separate a torturous death with life – for you and your loved ones.

Whoops, you’re connected with a social worker. Too late, too bad. Cops, firefighters and EMTs are needed pronto, not after a scheduled group visit to discuss your feelings.

This pandemic paranoia, the paralyzed economy and high unemployment is causing the perfect storm for political unrest. This is not time for our silent distraught majority to be complacent.

Salute and say a prayer for our cops, firefighters and EMTs. Even though retired, like military veterans, they’re trained to help out when needed during their whole lifetime. Consider such prayer paying forward!

I just met Jeff, who while serving as an Army Ranger, broke his neck and back. After recovering, he was shot twice while serving in military law-enforcement type actions. Now paralyzed, he uses a wheelchair.

Just a couple days ago, I met former Persian Gulf Marine Dan, also wounded severely twice. Both Jeff and Dan have amazing stories of suffering, and sacrifice for themselves and fellow officers.

Bill Kelly, Eau Claire, a Scottish native and legal U.S. immigrant, was shot seven times May 5, 2000, in Chippewa County. Bill then trained Afghanistan and Kosovo police offi cers from 2002-09.

Oh, there might be a bad cop or clergyman in one in 1000. That ratio might drop dramatically for lawyers and politicians, perhaps to a one or 100, or less ratio.


Examples: U.S. Hwy. 151, Law Enforcement Highway; U.S. Hwy. 54, Firefighter Highway; State Hwy. 29, Twin Bridges/Chippewa Falls, Law Enforcement, Firefighter, EMT and Citizen Soldier Bridges; Citizen Soldier Monument (14 tons) at the Wisconsin Veterans Tribute/Citizen Soldier Monument in Cadott; Wisconsin Law Enforcement Officers Tribute (WLEOT), mile marker 122, westbound, I-94, Black River Falls; first (three of eleven), 21-foot Christian crosses were dedicated to Wisconsin State Troopers killed in the line of duty; Deborah McMenamin, Willie Schoenberger (crosses at I-94 Foster) and Gary Powless (cross at I- 94Tomah).

At my home, just up from the Rockpile II, a 5x8 Law Enforcement Thin Blue flag has flown for over three years. Though a bit faded, tattered and torn, that phenomenal flag has outlasted six other sets of USA, Christian, U.S. Marine and Don’t Tread on Me flags.

Rather than constantly complain, criticize and condemn our Gov. Tony Evers and Pres. Donald Trump, or any public official – give them constructive feedback. Better yet, be elected or appointed yourself. Surely you will be perfect.

Oh yes, as individuals, a nation and planet, we are being tested. But, as James I in the Bible infers, “We can be made stronger – through PRAYER!

Every one of us may need to call 911. Some sooner than others.

God bless you, your loved ones, our military and all our protective services.

Dave Zein, Eau Claire