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Mosinee rally simply wrong


To the Editor: I just read your article in The Record Review April 22 edition. You are spot on. I regard the gathering to protest Gov. Evers Safer At Home policy unsafe and just plain ignorant of the COVID- 19 pandemic situation.

This occurred a few blocks from my home where I remain while living with metastatic breast cancer. I feel Cory Tomczyk has put our community at risk by initiating this protest. It’s shameful that these attendees failed to wear masks or follow social distancing. I am at risk for getting this virus ue to my illness and feel distraught that they choose to be ignoring what science proves to be fact regarding COVID- 19. Wisconsinites are not immune to this disease. Central Wisconsin residents are not immune to this disease.

Shame on Cory Tomczyk and all the participants in this past Sunday rally at IROW in Mosinee. Their choice to gather in large numbers knowing about community spread of COVID-19 was simply wrong.

Linda Lambrecht Mosinee

To the Editor: Mr. Tomczyk, how very irresponsible of you to host such a large open event during a national emergency brought on by a world wide pandemic. In doing so you have potentially exposed the attendees, and all of their contacts, to a higher risk of contracting COVID-19. Should that happen it would put a further strain on our already strained medical community. This disease is deadly.

Mr. Wokatsch, you wrote the following in your letter to the editor, printed in the April 22 issue of The Record Review, concerning your attendance of the afore-mentioned event. “There was joy at seeing friends there, old and new, actually having the social interaction we have not had in over a month.” How nice for you. How potentially dangerous for your family, friends, neighbors, casual contacts and community.

Kathy Anderson Marathon

To the Editor: I believe it was 2015 when an editorial in The Record-Review spoke of the population of the Seventh Congressional District dropping by 43 percent by 2040. Recently, William Litzer wrote about having McDevco, the Marathon County economic development arm, promote living in the county’s rural townships. I’m thinking that we need to do much more than that. We need to promote living and working in all 23 of the Seventh Congressional District counties if we do not want the population projections to become reality. Do we have people willing to step up in the areas of business, government and industry for the good of northern and central Wisconsin?

Writing in the National Catholic Reporter, Diane Scarper states: “In today’s America, 2.5 million children will be homeless some part of the year. No other First World country treats its children this way.” At the same time, housing becomes more expensive, millions keep joining the ranks of the uninsured and many go undernourished and hungry.

On May 12, we will have a special election for the Seventh Congressional District to see who will represent us in Washington. From 1957 to 1989, Sen. Proxmire represented Wisconsin in Congress. In his last two campaigns for the senate, he refused all contributions. Today, we have one candidate who has received the majority of his campaign contributions from outside Wisconsin and who campaigns on representing our president. We have a second candidate who refuses all donations from PACs and is campaigning on representing us. I want a representative who will represent us; not a representative beholden to outside interests, representing someone a thousand miles from here.

Rev. Robert Streveler Marathon