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– Letters to the Editor –

– Letters to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

Farmers need to take drastic action to improve farm prices, with a 20-20-20 production reduction plan. Crop farmers should grow 20 percent fewer acres and save 20 percent on fuel, 20 percent on fertilizer, 20 percent on chemicals for herbicides and pesticides, 20 percent on seed, and reduce erosion and fertilizer runoff by 20 percent.

For those who already planted, then harvest 20 percent less and leave the rest for wildlife. Then, we should reduce supply and improve prices. There should be no need for government or storage payments.

Dairy farmers should reduce milk production by 20 percent or at least not send any milk from each farmer for two days each month, until a minimum price of $26 per hundred is achieved. Then, continue reduced marketing to maintain that price.

Also, pay adult farm workers a minimum pay of $20 per hour, to help them above the poverty level.

Too much inventory cost our small organic dairy farm over $21,000 last year. How much did farmers with 10 or 100 times more cows than us, lose? I feel sorry for those who expanded to 200 to 500 cows, because they won’t survive!

Sincerely, Kenneth P. Mahalko, Gilman Letter to the Editor:

Our way of life in Wisconsin, has been devastated by COVID- 19. With nearly 3,000 confirmed cases and over 100 deaths, it hurts my heart to think of the pain our friends and neighbors are feeling.

As we continue to fight and recover from COVID-19, I hope we, as a society, begin to take natural disasters more seriously. Every year, flooding and severe weather are the costliest, and most common, natural disaster we face.

In March, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its flood forecast, indicating that 123 million Americans in 23 states, including Wisconsin, could be impacted by spring flooding.

As a realtor, it troubles me that the families and individuals I help to purchase their new home, are often completely in the dark about the property’s flood risk. The reason? Wisconsin real estate flood disclosure laws are inadequate at best.

Wisconsin, and even the federal government, should follow the lead of other states, who require full flood risk disclosure for all new homebuyers and renters. Sellers must disclose if a home is in a flood plain, has had past damages or claims made, or whether you need to carry flood insurance.

COVID-19 is a reminder that natural disasters are something we can plan for and with good public policy, can mitigate and protect people. Local, state and federal leaders in Wisconsin, should enact common-sense policies like flood disclosure, so people can make informed choices and prepare.

Taking action will help businesses, homeowners and local communities be safer the next time floodwaters rise.

Judi Moseley, Eau Claire