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All industries share problems farmers have


To the Editor: In reference to the letter of April 15 about farm prices, the same problems are occurring throughout our country in every industry. The airlines, railroads, banks, technology companies, oil, etc., figured out how to change or circumvent the antitrust laws, with the blessings of our political leaders, while we, either out of apathy or ignorance, allowed it to happen. Term limits seem to be a viable answer, and will only happen at the voting booth. J. F. Schaetzl Athens

To the Editor: Franklin Delano Roosevelt said “the only thing we have to fear….is fear itself - nameless, unreasoning, unjustifi ed terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance.” I think these words from 1933 need repeating right about now. Suddenly, the fear of the Chinese coronavirus is more important than our livelihoods and the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

Sunday, my wife and I attended the Open WI Now rally in Mosinee. Attendance was estimated between 1000 and 1200, with only a two-day notice of the event. The range of emotions many of us felt there was quite something to experience. There was patriotism and pride in our country as we recited the Pledge of Allegiance. There were more than a few tears as the speakers gave accounts of heart-wrenching business struggles and pain and suffering when needed medical attention was canceled to free up medical staff and facilities for only coronavirus patients preparing for a surge that isn’t happening. There was anger directed at our governor for his unlawful extension of the Safer at Home shut down until May 26. There was joy at seeing friends there, old and new, actually having the social interaction we have not had in over a month. Speakers questioned our governor’s supposed concern for life when he refuses to denounce abortion. Some of the loudest cheers came when reopening churches was mentioned as it was clearly a Christian group. Finally, there was hope as the enthusiasm of the crowd about the future was more contagious than the virus, especially when we closed singing “God Bless America.”

Our gathering, two hours of one day in fresh air and sunshine, likely will be labeled as reckless when Menard’s and many other places are crawling with people all day, every day and small businesses, with few people, are ordered closed.

Will Evers listen to our unified messages? I doubt it. It’s been a huge learning curve for the whole country as we get educated about this virus. On Janu. 31, President Trump was blasted by leading Democrats including Joe Biden for being “xenophobic” regarding the Chinese travel ban, which undoubtedly saved thousands of American lives. Had the Democrats had their way, we still would have been calling impeachment trial witnesses at that time.

As recently as Feb. 29, the esteemed Dr. Fauchi said: “there is no need to change your daily habits over coronavirus.” A little over a month ago, we heard “the sky is falling” prediction of