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– Letter to the Editor –

– Letter to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

Each of us as one, one together – with the “ONE!”

In these challenging times, the unknown often becomes overwhelming. While becoming super hyper-vigilant, our lives take on new meaning.

There exists a tool, a weapon, an antidote with supernatural healing powers. It demonstrates sheer brilliance and effectiveness. It sometimes is beyond human understanding. PRAYER!!

Prayer is needed for the survival of the fittest. Those becoming best prepared and most creative, will acknowledge the importance of “Holy Spirit Inspiration!”

Now in this lockdown mode, we have time to reflect upon the “bountiful blessings so beautifully bestowed upon us.” Our blue sky, swan song bucket lists are evolving into more than just mere daydreams.

For some, it may be time for front line – battlefield and death bed religion. OUR LAST HURRAH!

Now, in lockdown mode, we have time to review old records and reflect upon memorabilia, while downsizing our homes and way of life. It’s fun to re-energize humor, ironies and the happy times. Forwarding thank yous and goodbyes may be in order.

Some of us might cherish a spiritual awakening, while yearning for Divine intervention. Individuals may bond together, stronger in family, church congregation, neighborhood and close friend groups.

We are waging a world war with an unseen enemy, in unknown territory. Surely there will be human casualties. Our national and worldwide economy – our very way of life, will surely be forever changed. Each of us must take paths never before traveled. As a U.S. Marine pointman in Vietnam and Laos, while on search, destroy and reconnaissance missions, I did not take existing trails. In fear of booby traps, ambushes and snipers, I blazed my own path through the jungles and elephant grass.

So it is now, we blaze our own paths. Prayer warriors are together as one, worshiping to the “One!” Falling on our knees in deep reverent prayer to Almighty God can be a way of life.

We pray for mysteries, solved and miraculous healing – in essence, praying for “a shield to protect us from harm and a hedge of thorns to protect us from evil.”

Thus, we earn that eternal majestic jubilance, the light at the end of the tunnel, Heaven.

Tempted and tested through trials and tribulation, only makes us stronger.

May you have “hunger in the heart, fire in the belly and souls absolutely on fire!”

God bless you and your loved ones.

P.S. Please salute and pray for our front line combatants: the medical personnel, law-enforcement, firefighters, first responders and their families. Include other servants who serve the public, so that we may sustain our way of life.

Salutes better than handshakes and hugs – longer life lasting. Self quarantine, better for others and ourselves.

“For God’s sake, quit watching the news and wash your hands.” (Better to read newspapers!) ~ Chris Farley Dave Zien, Eau Claire