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Trump hasn’t made America great again


To the Editor: Mr. Wokatsch, clearly listening to Rush Limbaugh five days a week has brainwashed you beyond any reasonable expectation of hope. In other words, you’re a lost cause. However, for anyone else thinking of voting Republican and considers themselves to be capable of reasonable, objective and logical thought, I offer the following: Limbaugh is no American hero. This man used his bully pulpit to publicly call out a young lady by name and proceeded to call her names not fit to print here. But I’ll give you a hint, these words are commonly used to describe Trump’s girlfriends. You know, the ones he paid after sex, then said he didn’t, then said he did, then his lawyer went to prison for helping him cheat at the election.

He also attacked Michael J. Fox, claiming he was faking his Parkinson’s disease. Did Limbaugh fake it just to get a medal? He then went on to physically mock Mr. Fox, not unlike Trump mocking a disabled reporter at a rally much to the delight of his supporters. Fine men indeed; I see where you get your values.

The Senate impeachment trial was of course a total sham. Republican leaders told us before the trial even began they would vote to acquit. Being acquitted by your friends doesn’t exactly scream innocence. A few Republicans later sheepishly admitted Trump’s guilt, one said she “hopes” he learned his lesson. Whether or not you win or lose, or get caught or not, cheating is cheating. Once a cheater, always a cheater. He will cheat again.

Nancy Pelosi is a political genius. She knew from day one of her speakership how this would end. She had no choice but to defend the Constitution. Mitt Romney also stood up for the Constitution and voted to convict. Trump’s response was to attack these people, saying they were faking their faith in God, at a prayer breakfast no less. An honorable man, that Trump.

But it didn’t end there. Later he got in front of the camera to rant and rave for an hour. I’ll remind you that at this point Bill Clinton apologized to the country. The scene played out like a bully in a schoolyard. Trump calling out his enemies and attacking. Meanwhile a crowd (Republicans) applauds and cheers him on, some because they enjoy it, others because they live in fear of being next. No one would accept this behavior of our children. And these are our elected officials.

No doubt Fox News has shielded you from the hypocrisy of Lindsey Graham’s speech during the Clinton impeachment. But do you know whose words from that time couldn’t be used against her? Nancy Pelosi. Surely Fox News would have exploited that if they could have. Pelosi exposed the Republicans as the protectionists that they are, both then and now, when they elected Newt Gingrich as Speaker after he was caught lying to Congress.

If the “village idiot”was actually as smart as he claims, he would know that socialism and social-democrat are not one and the same. These terms are not interchangeable. This is a scare tactic meant to scare people who don’t understand the difference. It sounds similar therefore it must be bad. Obviously it’s working on him. They want you to think Democrats are some sort of 1930’s dark dystopian government. FDR won WWII and gave us Social Security. Mr Wokatsch, will you be forfeiting your SS checks? And don’t be looking for any handouts from Medicare/Medicaid either.

My problem with American economic policy begins and ends with Republicans. From Reagan’s trickle down in the 1980’s that devastated farmers, to G.H. Bush’s famous lie “no new taxes” to Trump’s generous tax relief plan. Generous if you’re rich, because they got 83 percent and the working stiff got stiffed with 17 percent. We were told it would pay for itself, but the deficit continues to balloon. Farm bankruptcies are up 20 percent. Farmers’ market share has dropped to a record low 14.3 percent as of April 2019. Good times!

Trump has put forth his own little socialistic plan, in the form of relief payments to farmers. I have not signed up for one cent of these payments. I’m not looking for a handout.

The gap between the rich and poor continues to widen. Four hundred families hold as much wealth as the lower 50 percent of the entire country. The poorest people don’t even get the crumbs from a piece of the (total wealth) pie. They actually owe. We are the richest country in the world. I don’t see affordable healthcare as unreasonable. Or that anyone should go bankrupt just because they got sick as acceptable. “Rich” Limbaugh doesn’t have the added stress of worrying about how to pay the bills. He will seek out the finest care, whatever the cost.

As for the Iowa caucuses, in 2012 it took Republicans two weeks to declare Santorum was the actual winner.

I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. I’m not much interested in that gluttony of consumerism. I’m just glad that Cheater Brady wasn’t there. If you want to see a real show, Google “Trump Super Bowl National Anthem.” There you will see Trump jackassing around like the true man-child he is. And he said taking a knee was disrespectful. Ha!

Trump has proven himself an allor- nothing guy. You are either all in or you’re out. All Republicans running for office are doing so with Trump’s endorsement. You cannot pick and choose what you like or dislike about Trump or his policies. Trump has called Democrats evil and said they want to destroy our country. If you believe that, then you become part of the problem.

Trump is not a uniter, he is a divider. He has proven himself a liar (16,000+), a cheater, a racist (there are no “very fine people” who carry torches and spew hate) and plenty more. Do you really believe this is good for the country? Or that it’s worth a good economy or policy? Does the end justify the means? Is this who you are? If you vote Republican, then your answer to these is nothing less than yes.

I’m sorry to say that if you can’t find it in yourself to vote Democrat then maybe you should consider staying home.

Ron Gutenberger Colby