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Second childhood…is that like second breakfast?

Second childhood…is that like second breakfast? Second childhood…is that like second breakfast?

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Recently, I’ve noticed at the office, that employees are indulging in more, well, childish pastimes, I guess you could say.

For example, Rebecca and Julia have taken to coloring in complicated pages of butterflies, flowers and other pretty pictures, which may not be too out of the ordinary, as studies show coloring reduces stress. Joy has also done that for years, using a deluxe set of colored pencils.

I even got the “coloring bug,” and bought a box of Crayola crayons and a large-picture coloring book, but it didn’t destress me at all. In fact, I wanted to cry and throw it across the room, I was so nervous.

Ironically, working makes me feel less stress, I guess because I love it so much. But coloring, aahh!! that’s a different matter. I actually just made a “slice of pie” a couple weeks ago, from a small container of yellow Play-Doh left over from stuffing a child’s gift bag. Somewhere, I also have a large package of modeling clay I had gotten to give to a child, but couldn’t part with it.

I have since lost said clay, without ever getting a chance to use it, which just shows karma struck to teach me not to be so selfish!

Remember when slime was popular in the early ’90s? Well, it is again, yay for me! I always loved slime and to get some back in the day, I had to save UPC labels from certain things, fill out an order form and wait for it to come in the mail.

Now, you simply go to the store and buy some or, like Julia and I have done over the last couple months, make your own. With YouTube, Pinterest and an internet full of helpful DIY suggestions, we’ve created simple, glittery and fluffy concoctions.

It can get a little messy doing it that way, so I think I would prefer the store bought stuff for my next slime adventure. Still, it’s fun to experiment with the substances and you can pick your own colors.

We also seem to have an affinity for kids’ toys. If it’s at all electronic, features sound effects and has accessories, we want it.

I don’t know if our reversion to childhood is because one of us has an 18 month old, or because two of us have “little sisters” through the Big Brothers Big Sisters program. Whatever the reason, I think we have more fun than the kids.

No matter how old I get, I’ll probably always get excited over play food, toy cash registers, robots, and dinosaurs that glow in the dark and roar.

Some people give us looks (you know, the arent’t-youtoo- old-for-this kind of look) or outright laugh at our childlike ways. But really, who says toys are just for kids?

When a kid is playing, aren’t they letting their imagination soar, their creativity come to life and making their own little world – which is, in a sense, de-stressing?

So, if someone likes playing Legos (which Joy and I do), playing with a child’s microwave (which all of us have and do) and still reads kids books (I do), don’t poo-poo them. Try joining them. It might make you feel better.

Because, really, life is full of “adult stuff,” like paying bills, taking out the trash, cleaning the house, laundry, on and on. If you can find a little fun by acting like a kid, then do it!

I welcome my second childhood and I’ll never grow up, that’s a fact. It doesn’t mean I’m not responsible, it just means I’m not giving up on the fun I find in life, even if it’s “kid stuff.”

So, if anyone would like to stop in to the office this summer – or winter, if you’re brave – we have a large container of sidewalk chalk under the kitchen sink and would love to see your artwork come to life outside.

Even if you only have a few minutes, if it gives you pleasure and takes some stress off, let your second childhood shine through.

We are a judge-free zone and may just join you!