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– Letter to the Editor –

– Letter to the Editor –

Letter to the Editor:

No mayhem without man!

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words won’t hurt me, right?

Actually, words on a mission can hurt us all. Consider the phrase, “gun violence.” In everyday conversation, it means a disaster where people were killed and injured by people using guns.

But, why call that gun violence? Do you call a broom a broomstick? No, only when a witch is riding it, does it become a broomstick. What is essential for the broom to become a broomstick? The witch!

What is essential for a gun? We agree this is an inanimate object, right? Inanimate, meaning “not endowed with life or spirit; lacking consciousness or power of motion.” Hold that definition.

What is essential for the gun to become part of violence? A person! A person who is a killer, a person who decides to kill while being a thief, a person who is a terrorist, a person who is a maniac, a person who is deranged, a person who is mentally ill, a person who is a hired mercenary, a person who is a Jihadist, a person who is consumed by the need for revenge, etc.

All of these persons are animate human objects. Not inanimate, animate (meaning full of life).

Then why call the gun violent? Do you really think the gun is violent, in and of itself? No, you shouldn’t think it is. Yet, somehow, you do. Does the gun ever appear in a court of law? Does the gun go to jail? Why is it, that in countries where only the power brokers have guns, the people are like slaves?

The gun was invented, designed, manufactured, sold and purchased to give man the advantage of superior strength. It has been useful to protect man from predators, it has been used by man to provide food. It has been useful to stop the predator and food source cold, without having to get close enough to place the person in need of protection and food within range of the capabilities of the target.

Before the gun was invented, early man used rocks, clubs, atlati, bow and arrows, spears, ropes, traps, etc., to capture animals for food, who were superior to themselves in speed and defense. The gun advanced his success considerably. So, even though it was more complicated and difficult to make, it was, and still is, inanimate.

Of itself, it does nothing in the box it came in. It does nothing when it is leaning against the wall or over the fireplace. Only when the human places his hands where he needs to, to operate it, will the gun become a weapon.

Just like rocks, the clubs, the bow and arrows, the spears, ropes and traps do nothing. They cannot bring about any kind of MAYHEM (a willful and permanent crippling) without the human.

So why direct MAYHEM or blame toward the inanimate object? What kind of construct is advanced or gained by calling out the gun? To take away the advantage of superior strength!

Who wants to do this? Our enemies! We are unique in this world, in that our citizens are protected by the Second Amendment to our Constitution, which gives us the right to bear arms. To protect ourselves in our homes and even from an unjust government, if one should come to power.

It is one of the reasons why we have been spared from aggression, when many of the other countries in this world have suffered such. Our forefathers did this for our continued survival.

Who wants to take away our gun rights? Our enemies! Beware of any person or group who tries to take away your superior strength, by word or law, or force!! The phrase, “gun violence,” is a propaganda effort to urge society to give up their individual ownership in the guise of securing peace.

We have already seen, and continue to see, by the examples of our European countries, which experience violence happening with knives (Great Britain, especially), bombs, suicide bombers, cars, trucks, airplanes, toxic chemicals, poisoned foodstuffs, acid, bacteria, etc. All of these things can take the place of the gun in the world of violence.

So wake up! Keep your gun. Encourage the expansion of mental health facilities, and make the mental health connection with our schools and police officers, so the person who eventually harms themselves or others, can be detected and retained before they find a means to MAYHEM.

Call out the groups who are here in this country to change it and encourage them to assimilate, or leave. When they demand change, watch them. If they cannot accept our laws, they must leave.

Address the person who has despaired in life. This is a country of hope. Where there is despair, that person will take others with him if he chooses violence.

Identify the sick person who takes pleasure in other people’s pain. And beware the person who uses the attack on other people with a gun to advance their own agenda.

Whenever they name the gun as the enemy, recognize THEM as your enemy and treat them accordingly. They have named themselves; they have let you know who they are.

Signed, When Words Matter (Susan LeMay), Cornell