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Follow tips for a healthy holiday season

To the Editor: Hot chocolate, caramel apples, roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie are all tasty treats during the holidays, but putting the right foods in your body during the holiday season has never been so important. A study done by Cornell University revealed that Americans gain the most weight between mid-October and the end of December. To avoid those extra pounds throughout this exciting season, here are some tips.

Portion Size. By now everyone’s heard about the importance of eating small portions, but making sure to take a smaller first plate allows your body to not become overfilled. If you’re not full, there’s always seconds.

Reach for the veggies. Try to make at least half your plate vegetables and eat them first. Maple-glazed carrots and roasted brussels sprouts are almost as good as a piece of apple crisp.

Eat slowly. Take your time while you’re eating and make sure that you’re not overfilled. The slower you eat, the quicker your body let’s you know you’re full.

Eat dessert. It’s a little unrealistic to try and avoid all the desserts around the holidays. Eat away, but make sure you’re not already full and that your portion isn’t too large.

Get up and move. It’s so easy to relax after eating a big meal, but walking around afterwards for a few minutes helps with digestion. Walking in general during the holidays is a great way to help your body prepare for eating heavier meals.

Using these tips can help you avoid gaining extra weight during the holiday season. So reach for the pumpkin pie, after those tasty roasted veggies. Let’s try for a healthy holiday season.

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