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Prevail Bank marks new beginning with remodel

Prevail Bank marks new beginning with remodel Prevail Bank marks new beginning with remodel

When Prevail Bank President and CEO Nathan Quinnell cut the ribbon Tuesday evening at the bank’s Medford location, he celebrated not only the completion of the extensive remodeling of the facility but marked a new beginning for the bank.

“Prevail Bank has been on quite the journey over the last 3 years with the merger and the name change and I am very proud of what we have been able to accomplish,” Quinnell said. “As part of the merger and name change, we felt it was crucial to rebrand to what we wanted this bank to be in the future. This remodel was the first step in rebranding all of our branches to match the culture and the image that we want as a mutual bank.”

Prevail Bank was created with the merger of Time Federal Savings Bank and River Cities Bank combining the strengths of Time Federal’s creative mortgage solutions and the commercial loan and business banking resources of River Cities. Since the merger the bank has been working on rebranding to reflect the new direction. Medford was the first location to undergo an overhaul, with the plan to do the same at all the locations.

Quinnell praised the bank’s board of directors for continuing to invest in the facilities, communities, and fully supporting the brand. “Without their support, we would not be where we are today,” he said.

He also extended praise to The Redmond Company for helping design and managing the construction along with all the vendors involved. “It was not an easy time to build with supply change and labor issues, but we were able to keep everything on track with a few speed bumps on the way. There is a ton of work that goes into getting it just right and I think all the vendors did a great job,” Quinnell said.

Quinnell also expressed special appreciation to Eunice Mayer, Facilities Director and Kari Rappe, Chief Information Officer/Project Manager at Prevail. “These two were instrumental with keeping the project on track and making quick decisions as things came up. I can’t imagine how many hours and calls they spent working through the details, but we could not have done this without them,” Quinnell said, also thanking the marketing staff for their efforts in the rebranding.

“Last, but not least I want to thank our employees and our customers. Projects like this can add some inconvenience and we did our best to keep the bank open to support our customers. This meant that some employees had to deal with construction being done around them and even wear hard hats on certain days. Certain employees had to switch offices multiple times during the remodel as well. Employees managed to always keep a smile on their face and customers were wonderful as well as they continued to conduct their daily banking needs throughout the remodel,” Quinnell said.

Employees, board members and community leaders gathered on Tuesday evening as Prevail Bank President and CEO Nathan Quinnell cut the ribbon marking the re-grand opening of the Medford location. The bank has undergone a massive remodeling and rebranding effort.BRIAN WILSON/THE STAR NEWS