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Plea agreement

Nicholas Draszkiewicz, 25, Medford pled no contest and was found guilty of taking and driving a vehicle without consent, a class H Felony. He also pled guilty to failure to notify police of accident and forfeited $389.50. A charge of failure to keep vehicle under control was dismissed on prosecutor’s motion. A charge of operating a vehicle without a valid license for the second time within three years was dismissed but read in for sentencing. The court ordered sentence to be withheld and Draszkiewicz to be placed on probation for two years and ordered to pay court costs, submit a DNA sample, pay restitution in the amount of $793 plus surcharge, write a letter of apology to the victim within 30 days of plea and sentencing to be approved by the probation agent, undergo AODA assessment and counseling as deemed necessary by probation, earn a HSED/GED or high school diploma at agent’s discretion.

Under terms of the plea agreement, the court finds the defendant guilty.

Ares Hall, 17, Medford, was found guilty due to a no contest plea for truancy and forfeited $200.50. Under terms of a deferred prosecution agreement, a charge of misdemeanor bail jumping was dismissed but read in for sentencing purposes. Hall was found guilty due to a no contest plea on a charge of having sexual intercourse with a child age 15 or older when under 19. The court defers entry of judgment for a period of one year. Court orders the standard conditions and also shall meet with a staff member of the child support agency and the health department to discuss the consequences of engaging in underage sexual activity. Defendant must provide proof of these meetings to the district attorney within six months of entering this agreement. Upon successful completion of this agreement the state will move to dismiss the charge.