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From past files of The Star News


November 4, 2010

The community mourns the death of Frances L. Simek who died Monday at her Medford home at the age of 82.

Fran Simek was one of the four cofounders of Tombstone Pizza retiring when the company was sold in 1986. Her enduring legacy for many is as a major philanthropist in the community supporting numerous community building projects.

“Fran Simek was a true friend to Medford. She will be missed,” said Mayor Mike Wellner. “As a community we have been especially blessed by the benevolence of both Pep and Fran,” he said.

Our children’s children will be enjoying the gifts they have given us,” Wellner said.

“She was genuine,”said Medford Fire Chief John Fales, describing Fran as someone who was real and cared deeply about the community.


November 8, 1995

As expected, there was some opposition, but a request for additional personnel in the sheriff’s department was finally granted by the Taylor County Board of Supervisors last week by a 14-3 vote.

Sheriff Bill Breneman had asked for an additional one and one-half positions in his department to ensure that both a male and female certified jailer/dispatcher are on duty at the jail/communications center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He said state statutes require a same-sex certified jailer/dispatcher on duty whenever there is a female prisoner in jail, which he is now unable to comply with because of a lack of personnel.


November 5, 1970

Sustaining minor injuries in a mishap reported at 10:30 p.m. Thursday in the village of Gilman were Herbert Anderson, Withee, route 2, and passengers, Lanny Faude, 19, and Joanne Faude, 18, of the same address.

According to the report, Anderson was northbound on county trunk B and lost control of his 1968 model pickup truck on the Yellow river bridge. The entire front end of the truck was damaged an estimated $1,800 and at $300 to the bridge.


November 1, 1945

The Stewart Cheese Corporation of Redville, town of Maplehurst, has purchased the Greenwood Canning factory from the Loyal Canning company for the purpose of enlarging its facilities for the manufacture, processing, and storage of Italian cheese products, which are shipped largely to Chicago markets.

The main building, a partial three story structure, is 218x44 and when it is completely remodeled it will have manufacturing and storage facilities all under one roof. The plant is situated on the railroad which was a main factor in its selection.


November 3, 1920

Clockmakers nowadays would have little repairing if their work stood up as well as that of an unidentified maker almost two hundred years ago. In the midst of New York’s busiest district, at 44 John street, stands the famous old John Street Methodist church and witness to the long history of the church hangs an old pendulum clock on the wall of the basement meeting room.

More than 153 years ago John Wesley himself, founder of Methodism in England, sent the clock over here to Philip Embury for use in the original building of the church, erected through the efforts of Embury.


November 2 1895

The fishermen of the isle of Man always feel safe from storm and disaster if they have a dead wren on board. They have a tradition that at one time an evil sea spirit always haunted the herring pack and was always attended by storms. The spirit assumed many forms. At last it took the shape of a wren and flew away. If the fishermen have a dead wren with them, they are certain that all will be safe and snug.— London Fishing Gazette.

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