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Lakewood Credit Union puts service as priority

Lakewood Credit Union puts service as priority Lakewood Credit Union puts service as priority

Lakewood Credit Union was chartered May 19, 1961, serving the community surrounding Rib Lake. Local business leaders created the credit union in order to help those that live within the area. The name of the credit union was determined through a vote by the Rib Lake High School students.

At the beginning of 2003, the credit union’s community charter expanded to include those residing or employed in Lincoln, Price and Taylor counties.

Amy Ketterhagen is the president of Lakewood Credit Union. She is responsible for implementing new products and services, helping current and potential members with their financial needs, and working to grow and maintain the financial stability of the credit union.

Ketterhagen is a graduate of University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire with a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics. She has been within the credit union movement since graduation and has a diverse background in all areas of the credit union. Continued learning opportunities and networking with other credit unions is a large focus for Ketterhagen as providing excellent service to members is her top priority.

Outside of work, she enjoys reading, bowling, and spending time with family.

“Lakewood Credit Union is proud to service our members and provide support to the communities apart of our membership area,” Ketterhagen said.

The credit union helped recognize the Rib Lake Senior Class of 2020 through banners displayed throughout Rib Lake. They have also been able to continually provide donations to help support efforts for the following causes: Rib Lake fireworks, Ice Age Days, Rib Lake Public Library, Prentice Ambulance Service, 4-H fairs, baseball fields, and various outdoor organizations. The credit union has also provided four to six scholarships yearly for those within the community continuing education after high school. The most important contribution the staff and directors continually make is using their time and talents to help support organizations and activities within the community.