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Groundbreaking could come soon for memorial

Groundbreaking could come soon for memorial Groundbreaking could come soon for memorial

Groundbreaking could be on the horizon for the Holcombe Area Veterans Memorial, after the timeline for the memorial was discussed at a meeting Sept. 17.

“If it’s still going to be nice out, why don’t we get some groundbreaking done?” asked Jim Mataczynski, memorial chairperson.

Mataczynski says they have access to a bulldozer now, and may not later. He also said he hopes moving some dirt at the site will get people excited and curious about the project.

Dave Conrad, group member, asked if they want to involve an engineer in the project at this time. Mataczynski suggested they find out how much the engineering services will cost, first.

Mataczynski says an address and fire number should be ready soon, once the surveying is done. Mataczynski also said they will eventually need to involve an engineer so they know how deep they need to dig to get a solid base under the large, stone tablets.

Ron Jiskra, memorial vice chairman, said monument services may also be able to tell the group how deep they need to go, without the extra cost.

Conrad says he thinks they need to investigate the engineering piece and get an idea what the cost will be.

“I’m all for groundbreaking this fall, if at all possible,” said Conrad, adding it would give the ground a chance to set, and freeze and thaw. “Then, we can jump right on it in the spring.”

Members also discussed a donation and memory stone committee. Conrad says he thinks they need to have a set process for the memory stones and keep track of who has paid for the stones. He also noted a group to check if the requested stone messages are appropriate, is needed. Conrad asked that they meet to put together a standard operating procedure for the stones.

Jiskra asked if the same committee will verify any ranks listed on the stones.

“It’s going to be pretty tough to verify it,” said Conrad.

Members agreed to ask other memorials what their practices around verification are, before setting their own procedures.