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From past files of The Star News


August 5, 2010

The Taylor County Board of Supervisors Tuesday cleared the way for area low income homeowners and buyers to tap into more than $500,000 in zero interest loan money for housing rehabilitation and repair.

On July 20, Joanna Schumann of the Wisconsin Department of Commerce notified the county it will receive $600,000 for the Taylor County Housing Authority. Of that amount, $521,739.10 will go into the loan fund with the remainder to go to administrative costs to run the program. The housing authority issues loans to income qualifi ed individuals seeking assistance with down payments and closing costs, septic/sewer improvements including street laterals, wells, roofs, electrical updates and handicapped accessibility improvements.


August 9, 1995

The last hurdle in the way of a new east-west runway and other improvements at the Taylor County Airport were eliminated last week when County Board supervisors authorized borrowing the money needed to cover the county’s share of the project, which is 20 percent of the total estimated cost of $2 million.

By a 14-2 vote, the Board authorized borrowing $450,000 on a general obligation note at 5.56 percent interest for six years, at which time the loan may be renewed with new terms agreeable to lenders and borrower.


August 6, 1970

The Taylor County Youth Fair, always a gamble insofar as weather a determining factor, was a record one in attendance and in the offering of a wide variety of grandstand entertainment. Off to a shaky start Thursday, entry day, when skies threatened, the fair went into its second day Friday which turned out to be a soggy day. Rain squalls hit during the morning and afternoon, but then skies cleared and it was “fair” weather the remaining two days.

A record crowd of 12,500 filed into the fairgrounds on Medford’s east side during the four-day exposition. Gate admissions Friday through Sunday covered the grandstand shows for free admittance.


August 2, 1945

The bridge spanning Levitt Creek on county trunk D in the town of Jump River, near the Dan Boeckler farm, collapsed Tuesday morning after a Mack lime hauling truck, belonging to the Eggert Ice and Fuel Company in Medford, had passed over with a nine ton load of lime.

According to Herman Eggert, owner of the truck, the collapse occurred about 10:45 Tuesday morning. Employees of the company were distributing lime to farmers in the Jump River area from a car of lime located at Sheldon. The load of lime on the truck at the time of the accident was scheduled to go to the Steve Miller farm.


August 4, 1920

The public is no doubt interested to known the status of the $36,000 project along State Trunk Highway No. 64 from Medford west.

Owing to rush of work in the office of the State Highway Commission the blue prints have only recently been completed. Because of this delay it is thought unadvisable to undertake the work this fall except to put in a new bridge to replace the Morrow bridge which is too narrow and weak a structure to meet the federal specifications. Most of the road in this project is in fairly good condition at present.


August 10, 1895

West Bend, Wis., Aug. 5—Reports from Washington, Fond du Lac and Ozaukee counties are in effect that the farmers of this favored portion of the state are harvesting the largest grain crops since the ‘60s. Wheat and barley threshes out an enormous yield and is of good quality. Barley buyers are beginning to talk about 25 cents a bushel for the new crop, but it is doubtful whether farmers will market the beerproducing grain at such a low price. As if to make up for the failure of the hay crop, the yield of oats is more than bountiful.

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