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Steep jump

Steep jump Steep jump

COVID-19 cases continue to spike, 11 new cases reported in past week

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Taylor County took another jump this week with state health officials announcing that as of Wednesday there have been 34 confirmed positive cases.

This is a cumulative number of all positive cases that have been confirmed by local and state health officials. It does not include the individuals currently being quarantined at home after potential exposure to COVID-19.

The jump was recorded prior to the community testing held Tuesday at the Taylor County Fairgrounds. Results of those tests typically take a few days to process and will be released later this week and totals will be included in the July 30 issue of The Star News. Those who were tested at the fairgrounds will be notified individually of results.

According to the Wisconsin Department of Public Health, as of July 22 there have been 809,477 people tested for COVID-19 in Wisconsin with a running total of 44,847 confirmed cases and 764,630 negative tests.

There are 9,285 active cases where people are currently ill. Of those infected 34,682 have recovered and 865 people have died from the illness. The death rate is about 1.9% of all those who were infected. A total of 4,225 people across the state have been hospitalized due to COVID-19.

COVID-19 data is recorded at the state level by the Department of Health Services and information is updated daily at their website at https://www.dhs. the information includes a breakdown by county and census block where there have been more than five cases confirmed.