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Social distancing applies to outdoor spaces too

Social distancing applies to outdoor spaces too Social distancing applies to outdoor spaces too

Public health director says use caution at greenhouses, no garage sales allowed

Taylor County public health director Patty Krug said she doesn’t want to close city and county parks and boat landings and asked for residents to cooperate and follow social distancing guidelines so that she doesn’t have to.

Krug and Medford mayor Mike Wellner held an update on Thursday morning regarding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that has sickened thousands around the world. Krug noted that as of Thursday morning there have been no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Taylor County, however there have been a number of people tested who came back negative. In addition, she said there are people who are under observation whose they are awaiting test results on.

Krug praised the election workers and county clerk Andria Farrand for their work in ensuring Tuesday’s election was handled smoothly and with an abundance of care in regard to social distancing and sanitation.

Krug explains that efforts underway are a continued attempt to slow the spread of the disease with the major concern being that a surge if severe cases will overwhelm available hospital resources.

Krug also provided updates in regard to guidance on religious services. She emphasized that the virus does not discriminate on who it infects and that the best solution is to maintain social distancing and keep any gathering under 10 people.

Krug also addressed the upcoming garage sale season. She said any organized garage sales either at a home or other location would not be permitted under the social distancing rules.

Krug said outdoor greenhouses will be allowed to operate with people reminded to follow social distancing. Indoor greenhouses will only be allowed a limited number of people in at a time.

As far as parks and other outdoor spaces, Krug cautioned people to abide by social distancing guidelines and avoid congregating in groups. She noted that public health officials in other states have closed parks and boat landings because of people congregating and that she does not want to have to take that step here.

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