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Medford Area Elementary School teacher ….

Medford Area Elementary School teacher …. Medford Area Elementary School teacher ….

Medford Area Elementary School teacher Stacey Leonard and her class of “substitute kindergartners” each stuffed animal is named after a student in her real class. She uses pictures of the stuffed animals to connect with her students on her classroom Facebook page. “Hi Kindergartners! I am at home, but I miss you! I had to find 20 new friends to be your substitutes! They all have a name tag. Can you read them? It’s almost like you’re sitting on my couch! Sending you a big bear hug! — Love, Mrs. L.”

“ These students are all lined up to wash their hands with soap! I hope you’re doing that too!”

“Itwasagreatdaytodosomemath work outside. Can you solve subtraction problems onanumber linetoo?”

“We all know that on Wednesday afternoon we go to music class. Mr. Niskanen wasn’t available to teach us today, so Miss Leah Leonard had to fill in.”

“This group of students is out of control! I found some eating cookies on my counter, some in my plant, others in the bathtub, a few in my laundry basket and some playing the piano! A few were even looking at books but forgot to put them away when they were done! This is crazy!”

“OnThursdays wegotoartclass.Lookatthegreat picture thesubstitute students madetoday!”

“On Tuesdays the students typically go to the gym. Since we can’t do that today, the substitute students went outside to practice jumping rope. Some were trying their best while others were waiting patiently for their turn. (I think they need more practice!) Silas the Pig and Anna Cat were at the ends twirling it.”

“ We are busy already this morning with our language groups! One group is playing a word game, another is on a device ( They had to share!), another group is working on “ Five Star Sentences” ( Did they do a good job?), and another group is reading with me. Are you busy too?”

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