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The Wine Walk took place over the Medford Area Chamber of Commerce’s Women’s Weekend on February 28-29.

Participants got to enjoy wine while perusing local establishments and shops.

There was an upbeat attitude hanging around Main St. as Wine Walkers glided up and down the sidewalks, dipping in and out of stores as they sampled wine from small chalices.

“It’s a fun weekend,” said Jackie Jentzsch, the owner and operator of Tease Tanning Plus Gifts on Main. “I’ve been doing it for a few years, and it’s a [great way to connect with the community.]” Jentzsch was helped by her daughters and a niece, along with her friend Connie.

The jubilant mood resonated audibly in the store, as several patrons filed around admiring Jentzsch’s inventory, speaking amongst each other and slowly drinking from their cups.

Jackie was serving rosé dry wine to those who stopped by her store.

“It hasn’t been a favorite,” Jentzsch said as the group laughed. “But we’re on our second bottle, so people are drinking it.”

Spirits were high as the quintet of women joked back and forth with each other.

“You are a shaky bartender,” Connie jested towards Jentzsch’s daughter as she poured a glass of wine.

“My arms are sore,” Jentzsch’s daughter wryly responded amidst the giggles.

The well-meaning chirps continued, with the festive display accentuating the fondness of the night.

A pace down the street, women were also enjoying themselves at Vintage Naturals, as patrons sipped their wine and browsed the shelves of handcrafted health and beauty products.

“It’s a great event to support our town,” owner Tasha Neitzel said, adding that she enjoys interacting with the locals, a couple hundred of which had already passed through at the time.

Neitzel had some extra help from her friend, who chatted with Wine Walkers and tended a decorous table spread with food and small samples of Tasha’s handmade soap.

The night had patrons in an equally agreeable mood, as a light purr emitted through the store as they happily talked amongst themselves, comparing different soaps and creams stocked on the shelves.

“I can’t wait to come back,” one patron said as she left Vintage Naturals, backing out of the door as she thanked Tasha.

With everyone coming together in a mellow matter the Wine Walk was joyful for sure, but perhaps even more, it was an opportunity for Medford citizens to mesh together, meet new faces, and share a warm laugh.

Photos by the Medford Chamber of Commerce, Sam Weber and Brian Wilson, layout by Mandi Troiber