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Werlein brings experience to Cornell After-School team

Werlein brings experience to Cornell After-School team Werlein brings experience to Cornell After-School team

Brandie Werlein may be new to the Cornell After-School program, but working with children is something she has enjoyed for years.

Werlein started working as the site coordinator for the Cornell/Lake Holcombe 21st Century Learning Center (CLC) in October. As part of her job, she oversees attendance for the after-school program, looks over the curriculum and daily activities, and ensures all the needed supplies are there, and makes sure a snack is ready for the students.

“Then, I communicate with the parents,” said Werlein. “So, I’m out there whenever the parents come to pick up their kids, and try to get to know them and socialize.”

Werlein says forming a relationship with the parents is one of the most important aspects of her job.

Prior to moving to Cornell, Werlein worked as a teacher for the after-school program through the Chippewa Falls YMCA for three or four years. She switched jobs and moved to Eau Claire for a few years, before coming to Cornell.

She says she saw an opening for the after- school program in Cornell, and knew she wanted to apply.

“I miss working with kids,” said Werlein.

Werlein says her time with the program so far has been exciting. She says she enjoys seeing the students come out with their projects and how their day is going.

In her spare time, Werlein enjoys spending time with her dog, Aniyah, kayaking, boating, fishing and other outdoor activities.

“In the winter, I like to hibernate,” said Werlein, adding she’s not a fan of the cold.

Werlein grew up in Strum. While her goal always was to move somewhere bigger, the small-town charm pulled her back.

“I love being here,” said Werlein.