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– Courier-Sentinel Lookback –

– Courier-Sentinel Lookback –

10 Years Ago – 2009

The Cornell Food Pantry distributes a record 61,000 pounds of food to a record 3,800 people in 2009, spending $9,835 on supplies, as well as maintenance of the building. That’s why director Bill Grinder says it’s a huge help to receive any funds they can, to continue feeding area people in need.

20 Years Ago –1999

Although many are fearful of the Y2K “bug,” which could see devices with computer chips or automation, get confused when the dating mechanism rolls over to ’00, the Village of Cadott is secure. Clerk Sandy Buetow says the village’s electric company has guaranteed there will be no interruptions in service.

30 Years Ago – 1989

Special precautions are taken by the Cornell School District, after attempted abductions of three boys in the area. Elementary principal Marv Schufelt says letters on procedure have been sent to teachers and crossing guards are on the alert.

40 Years Ago – 1979

Cadott Police Chief Ed Wanish issues a warning to people operating trucks licensed, but not utilized, as a farm truck, according to state statutes. If warnings are ignored, violators could face a $500 fine.

50 Years Ago – 1969

Chief Warrant Officer Bud C. Schroeder returns to Cornell, with his wife and two children, after retiring from the Navy with 22 years of service.

60 Years Ago – 1959

It’s a mixed Christmas, as heavy, spring-like rain descends on the area, turning snowbanks into puddles. The rainy spell hadn’t even slacked up, when warnings popped up for several inches of snow and high winds.

100 Years Ago – 1919

Area farmers are strongly encouraged to consider planting sugar beets this spring, which can then be transported to the Chippewa Falls sugar plant, and processed into household sugar. Even three acres of beets can supply enough sugar for one family for an entire year, and will help with shortages.