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MMA contributes to the Medford School District CARES Model

MMA contributes to the Medford School District CARES Model MMA contributes to the Medford School District CARES Model

Memorial Member Association (MMA) has committed $160,000 over the next four years toward the Medford Area Public School District’s CARES (Children and Adolescents Reaching Emotional Success) Model.

The sustained funding of $40,000 each year over the next four years will help the Medford School District offer schoolbased psychological, social worker, guidance counseling, and nursing services to students at the universal, targeted and intensive levels. Through highlighted goals and objectives in addressing mental health as a priority, this collaboration will help make a difference for those in need of mental health services.

The Medford Area Public School District began offering its CARES Model of school-based mental health counseling in October 2017 thanks to a collaborative effort between the Medford Area Public School District, Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics, and Counseling Connection. The CARES Model increases the availability of mental health counseling for students on location at their schools. The model addresses social, emotional, behavioral and mental health needs of students through preventive and intervention methods to allow for better success in school, at home and in life.

Memorial Member Association was formed at the time of the unification of the Medford hospital and clinics with Aspirus in 2001. MMA represents the community’s 50% share in the health care organization. It is a separate and distinct entity from Aspirus Medford Hospital & Clinics and uses the proceeds received from Aspirus in the 2001 merger to fund healthy initiatives in our community.

MMA’s directors includes Debbie Woods, Michael Plooy, Leonard Hamman, Sarah Hedtke, Dale Hustedt, Mary Sarver, Randy Juedes, Mike Riggle, Susan Frazier, Candice Grunseth, John Lange, Jason Steliga and Courtney Graff.