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Loyal Legion Auxiliary meets

The Nov. 12 Loyal American Legion Auxiliary meeting opened with a prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and the preamble.

Corrections were made to previous notes on membership eligibility. It also shall include daughters/female descendants of veterans who served during the two war eras of April 6, 1917-Nov. 11, 1918, and Dec. 7, 1941-present. If the veteran is living, he/she must be a member of the American Legion for family members to qualify for membership in the Auxiliary.

Birthday wishes for November went to Joan Oestreich and Carmen Elglebretson.

The group welcomed new members Jackie Rowley and Lucy (Norma Wentzel’s mother).

Get-well cards were sent to Alice Kennedy, Joan Bertz and Leon Mondlock. Thank-you notes were received from the Rosie Gregorich family and the Robert Domine family.

Old business: The blood drive exceeded the goal of 39 pints by 10 pints. The next drive will be March 3, 2020.

New business: Dawn Jacobson read the following article from “American Legionnaire”. This is one way we help our veterans.

“Department recently received a grant application from a female service member who needed assistance with her rent and telephone bill. Thanks to the generous donations of Auxiliary members throughout the state, the review committee approved her application so she could get back on her feet. Thank you for making this possible.

“To the American Legion Auxiliary, “I would just like to thank everyone for the absolute generosity that has been given to me. I originally joined the Army because I wanted to be in a team environment and help in the bigger picture. After being approved for one of your grants, I know the bigger picture spreads farther than just what happens in uniform.

“After a constant struggle, I was finally admitted for my mental health for wanting to end my own life. I have always had an issue transitioning back to civilian life. I found myself starting to drown in medical debt from improper processing of paperwork and having no guidance as to how to get help.

“With the help of (a Family Assistance Center Specialist) referring me to the American Legion Auxiliary, your committee was able to approve me for one of your grants. The day I found out I was approved for your grant was the first day in over two years I felt that there was finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Before this grant I was hardly able to stay afloat or even have food for myself.

“Since you have helped, I have been able to get caught up enough to where I was able to finally have my medical bills changed and put on a lower payment plan. I have got caught up on my regular bills and am getting better every day.

“I can never be able to fully express or put into words how thankful and appreciative I am for having your help. This has honestly made such a big impact in my life. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I know suicide is a very big thing happening with veterans. Just to know there are comittees like this to help when things are tough and veterans are not alone is one of the best feelings.

“Thank you again for letting me be a part of the bigger picture!”

The group will be making yearly donations to the Loyal Food Pantry,, Chippewa, King, and Homeless Women Veterans. Motion to raise to $100 by Kris and seconded by Norma and carried. This year the Auxiliary will also be donating $100 to Christmas Cheer to veterans in the hospital.

County meeting information was presented. The preamble has been edited to “All Wars” instead of “Great Wars”.

The group will be decorating a tree at the Historical Society site and will be decorating the Legion on Dec. 3.

The meeting closed with a prayer. The drawing was won by Gladys. The next meeting will be on Dec. 10.