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Kids Helping Kids sale makes learning fun

Kids Helping Kids sale makes learning fun Kids Helping Kids sale makes learning fun

“Helping people is good and it makes me happy,” said sixth grader Austin Noland.

Noland was among the fifth and sixth graders at Holy Rosary school working at the annual Kids Helping Kids Sale.

The sale provides a hands-on learning experience in making change, helping customers and running a store for the students in Andrianna Leonhard’s class at Holy Rosary Catholic School in Medford.

Students and families were asked to donate items such as small stuffed animals, craft, housewares and religious items with other students purchasing them.

According to sixth grader Aubri Sperl, the money raised from the sale goes to a charity picked by the students. Leonhard said after the sale is completed and the students determine what profits they made, they will decide as a group which charitable cause to give it to.

Sperl was busy selling snacks at the sale, and noted that her goal was to sell out. However she was a little concerned that she might not because most of the action seemed to be taking place in the stuffed animals section. She said cupcakes were the top seller so far.

Fifth grader Jordan Olson was busy keeping track of a table of stuffed animals and one of religious items. He said his favorite part of working at the sale was knowing he was helping out his school.

For the shoppers, they worked on understanding money and deciding how to get the most value for the money they had to spend.

For both shoppers and customers it was also a lot of fun.

“I like seeing happy faces,” Noland said. Young shoppers looked

Austin Noland said his goal was to make people have fun while shopping.

for bargains while taking part in the Kids Helping Kids Sale.

A classroom at Holy Rosary Catholic School was transformed into a shopping bazaar for students as part of the annual Kids Helping Kids Sale. Money raised from the sale will be donated to a selected charity.