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Rib Lake looks at options for middle school gym

The Rib Lake School board balanced durability versus sports use when deciding on a replacement to the worn middle school floor.

At the September 9 school board meeting, board members called for the floor to be replaced but are looking at costs for which durable floor option to use.

In May, the topic was brought to the board’s attention as to whether or not to replace the gymnasium floor in the middle school. This topic was brought back to the table and discussed in more detail. It was decided to set a plan in motion so that this project could be set to be completed in the summer of 2022.

The main discussion was whether or not to go with a hard wood floor, similar to what is in place at the high school or a more durable rubberized flooring. Debate between the two floor choices was needed because the middle school gym is also used as a lunchroom. The more durable rubber flooring was favored by the majority of the board, because once again it is such a multi-purpose room for that building.

They weighed the advantages and disadvantages of each flooring choice. When it comes to the durable floor, you are able to repair small portion of the floor and wouldn’t have to repair the whole floor for the simplest of issues. The hardwood that is currently in the high school is the original wood floor that they installed over the original tile floor. Maintenance would be less of an issue when it came to the more durable floor; whereas the wood floor would need to be refinished annually and that would cost an estimated $2,500.

Quotes would be needed for each flooring option, to be able to make a concrete decision on flooring options.

In other reports, high school principal, Kirsten Budimlija, stated that the start of the school year has been great. The students have been really cooperative and flexible with the changes that have been happening, including the arrival of so many new teachers this year. Budimlija also mentioned that she has heard nothing but positive feedback from the new staff members throughout the middle school and high schools. She is very proud of the students for how well they have handled this start.

Administrator, Rick Cardey, noted that the Elementary School has been succeeding very well when it came to the start of the new year. Cardey stated that “Given the circumstances of being slightly short-staffed, everyone has really stepped up and made the first few days a breeze.”

He also stated that the communication from the parents has been very beneficial when it comes to absences. Cardey also agreed that the positive feedback has been reciprocated.

Lunch programs for this year continue to be free of charge for all students.