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Taylor County Health Department announces expansion of COVID-19 vaccination waiting list

The Taylor County Health Department has announced additional expansion of individuals who qualify for the health department COVID-19 vaccination waiting list.

The following individuals are eligible to call the Taylor County Health Department COVID vaccinator line at 715-965-8830. Listen to the voice mail and provide the required information requested. People seeking the vaccine are asked not to call the health department office to be placed on the waiting list. Staff will return a call to you when they can schedule you for your appointment. The number of appointments available for a week are determined by the number of doses the health department receives from the state of Wisconsin.

The following groups are now eligible for vaccination through the health department: ★ Frontline health care personnel

★ Police and fire personnel, correctional staff

★ Adults age 65 and older

★ Member of Family Care, Family Care Partnership and participants in IRIS (health department will verify if eligible prior to scheduling an appointment)

★ Workers who provide direct services for electric, natural gas, steam, water, wastewater, internet and telecommunications system (this does not include offi ce staff).

★ Public transit drivers who have frequent close contact with members of the public, limited to:

• public and commercial intercity bus transportation services

• municipal public transit services

• those employed by specialized transit services for seniors, disabled persons, and low-income persons Food supply chain

★ Agricultural production workers, such as farm owners and other farm employees.

★ Critical workers who provide onsite support to multiple agricultural operations, such as livestock breeding and insemination providers, farm labor contractors, crop support providers, and livestock veterinarians.

★ Food production workers, such as dairy plant employees, fruit and vegetable processing plant employees, and animal slaughtering and processing employees.

★ Retail food workers, such as employees at grocery stores, convenience stores, and gas stations that also sell groceries.

★ Hunger relief personnel, including people involved in charitable food distribution, community food and housing providers, social services employees who are involved in food distribution, and emergency relief workers.