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L OG _ Dec. 8 - Two Abbotsford residents came to the police station to report concerns with the living conditions at a rental property they live at. They said the building has nine other rooms rented, with up to three occupants in each room, along with a shared kitchen, bathrooms and living room.

The female complainant said there are just two shared bathrooms for the estimated 20 people living there, and she is unable to secure the bathroom door when she in the shower. She said she does not feel safe showering there, as most of the other tenants are male. She also noted that the lights in the bathroom are motion-activated, and they go off while she is showering.

Both complainants say they are constantly cold, and no one is able to adjust the thermostat. They also complained of other tenants smoking marijuana near the entry door. On one occasion, the female complainant said a male tenant entered her room and wanted her phone number. She said she pushed him out of her room, and he has since moved out.

The complainants said the landlord is very demanding about the bathrooms being cleaned, and they’ve had to clean up vomit on multiple occasions from other tenants who are drinking. They also said the tenants are noisy when drinking, making it difficult to sleep.

The complainants said they have informed the landlord of these issues, but nothing has changed, and they no longer feel safe living there. They said when they told the landlord that they plan on moving out, he demanded that they pay the lease agreement through April. The officer they spoke to said the landlord cannot force them to continue living there, but he could take them to small claims court if he felt they broke their lease agreement.

_ Dec. 8 - An officer was informed of a complaint by the city of Colby about someone illegally dumping leaves at the South East Street Park. The offi cer went to the park and could see two piles of leaves, with marks left on the gravel indicating that they came from a nearby residence.

The officer contacted the residents by phone and told them to remove the leaves by the end of that day. The officer checked back that night and saw that the leaves were gone, but at least some of them had been mulched into the grass by a riding lawnmower. Photographs of the scene were taken.

_ Dec. 9 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a theft complaint. The officer met with a man who had been contracted by a bank to clean out the property after a foreclosure. He said he was last at the residence on Nov. 29, when he changed the locks and placed a lock box on the back door. He said some relatives of the former property owners had come to claim items from the house, but he told them they were not allowed inside. He also said another officer spoke to them.

When he returned to the house that day, he noticed the door was open and the lock box was still closed. The closet had been emptied of clothing and the furniture had been removed. The officer noted that he saw the furniture was placed on the curb for pickup, and it was not gone.

The other officer who had previously dealt with the relatives said they were under the assumption that they had time to remove belongings from the house. That officer had told them to contact the bank before getting their belongings. The responding officer tried calling one of those relatives, but was unable to leave a voicemail.

_ Dec. 10 - A woman emailed an officer in regard to a harassment complaint she filed earlier in the year. She sent the officer two screenshots of long Facebook messages from a man who had been harassing her. She said she has repeatedly blocked this person, but he keeps creating new Facebook profiles so he can continue sending her messages. She said the messages have gotten worse, and she is afraid he may try to hurt her.

The officer confirmed that the male party had been given a letter on Sept. 4, warning him against stalking the complainant. He signed the letter, acknowledged that he understood the warning and vowed to stop contacting the complainant.

The officer requested stalking charges against the suspect.

_ Dec. 10 - An officer noticed a vehicle on STH 13 in Colby with multiple items hanging from the rear-view mirror, obstructing the driver’s vision. The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver and her passenger. Another officer arrived and ran their names through dispatch while the officer deployed his K-9 for a walk-around sniff.

The occupants were asked to exit the vehicle, which was searched, but nothing was found. Dispatch indicated that the driver had an active arrest warrant, so she was arrested taken to Clark County Jail.

_ Dec. 12 - An officer responded to a Colby residence for a welfare check. He spoke to a woman who had seen a couple arguing with each other outside their resident. The witness said the female party ran toward a nearby pickup truck, and the male party ran after her. The witness said it looked like the male party was trying to prevent the female party from leaving. The witness said the female got into the driver’s seat of the truck, and the male entered the passenger’s side, and after a few minutes, it drove off.

The officer contacted both parties separately to speak with them about the incident. Both of them denied that there was an argument, and said they were simply leaving to spend the night at a different residence.

_ Dec. 12 - An officer was dispatched to Spencer to assist the city’s police department with a domestic disturbance. The officer met with a female party who said she had come over to her exboyfriend’s place to pick up her three cats and some of her belongings. She admitted to knocking over several chairs and picking up a couch while looking for her cats. She also admitted hitting her ex-boyfriend in the arm with a broomstick when he approached her. She was arrested for domestic battery and disorderly conduct, and a search uncovered a pocketknife clipped to her waist. She was transported to Marathon County Jail.

_ Dec. 13 - An officer was dispatched to a local gas station after a male party reported being threatened in the parking lot. As the officer arrived, he noticed an SUV leaving the scene and heading toward the town of Hull on Elderberry Road. The officer spoke to the complainant, who said a male subject in the SUV had made threatening gestures toward him, including making a gun motion with his hand.

The complainant said the male subject started knocking on the door of his truck, and he got scared and drove off. As he was driving away, he said one of the two subjects in the SUV threw a beer bottle at his vehicle, hitting the rear tire. The complainant said he went northbound on STH 13, and the SUV followed him, so he pulled into the parking lot of another gas station. He said the SUV kept going, so he returned to the original gas station parking lot.

The complainant said the SUV also returned to the parking lot, so he called the police at that point. He thought the two male subjects were intoxicated and wanted to beat him up, but he had no idea why. He said he didn’t know who they were and never spoke to them.

The officer used the SUV’s license platenumbertodetermine that the owner lived in Colby. He and another officer searched the area for the SUV, but were unable to find it that night. The officer planned to follow up by reviewing security footage from the gas station parking lot.

_ Dec. 13 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford apartment in reference to a noise complaint. Dispatch reported that one of the tenants was yelling and keeping his neighbors awake.

The officer met with one of the neighbors, who said the tenant in question does yell a lot and keeps her up until early in the morning. The officer met with the tenant, who denied that he had been yelling. The officer left, but was called back about an hour later due to further noise complaints. The tenant again denied that he was yelling, but then said he may have been yelling in his sleep because he has a mental disorder. The officer told him to do his best to keep from yelling so he doesn’t disturb his neighbors.

_ Dec. 13 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a domestic fight involving a stabbing. The officer met with a man outside who was shaking, fidgety and would not calm down. The offi cer could smell alcohol on