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_ Nov. 12 - The K-9 officer was asked to deploy his drugsniffi ng dog at the Abbotsford High School’s parking lot. The dog alerted to the presence of narcotics in one of the vehicles, so the student was called to the parking lot.

The student said the vehicle belongs to his cousin, and he just drives to school. He admitted to using a vape pen, but denied having any drugs in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle uncovered some small pieces of marijuana in the center console. The student denied it was his. He was cited for possession of marijuana.

_ Nov. 23 - An officer was dispatched to the South Sixth Street Park in Colby in reference to a suspicious activity complaint. Dispatch reported that two vehicles in the park may be involved in a drug deal. There were no vehicles there when the officer arrived, but he noticed tire tracks in the gravel as if a vehicle had just sped away.

The officer met with a city employee so they could review the park’s security camera footage. The video shows a black SUV and a black low rider truck pull into the parking lot next to each other. At one point, a backseat passenger from the SUV gets out and enters the truck. A few minutes later, both vehicles leave.

The same black truck was also seen in a Nov. 18 video at the park, alongside a second truck. In that video, a male party exits one vehicle while a female party exits the other. They talk for a short time before reentering their respective vehicles. One of the trucks speeds off, kicking up gravel as it leaves.

_ Nov. 24 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a family having too many chickens. The officer was advised that the residents have multiple chickens, and they are allowed to wander into neighboring yards. The officer had also observed the chickens running around loose.

When the officer arrived, he noticed a fenced-in area for the chickens to be in, but there were no chickens. He spoke to some children at the property who said both their parents were at work. They apologized for letting their chickens run loose, and said they would do a better job of keeping track of the birds. They also admitted to having more than the maximum of two allowed by the city’s ordinance.

The officer said he would check back in a week or so, and if the family still had more than two chickens, they would be cited for violating the ordinance. He also advised the children to have their parents call him if they had any questions.

_ Nov. 23 - A couple of women came into the police station to report threatening messages they were receiving from someone on Facebook. The complainants said they did not know the woman who was sending them the messages and did not know what they were about. The offi cer advised them to contact Facebook so they can flag the sender’s account.

One of the complainants said the messages may have come from a woman who threatened her outside her Colby apartment the previous Saturday. She said she had gone out to her vehicle to get something when the woman in a blue van started yelling at her. She said the woman pointed a handgun at her and threatened to “take her out.” The complainant said she got scared and ran back into her apartment, but she was afraid to report the incident because of her illegal immigration status.

The officer had the complainant look at pictures of the woman on Facebook who had sent her threatening messages. She looked at them and said she was positive it was the same woman who threatened her with the gun. The complainant said she has no idea why the woman is mad at her and threatening her.

The officer could not find the woman from Facebook’s name in the department’s records or in the Clark County system. Her Facebook page said she lives in Medford, but the officer could not find a record of her from Taylor County either.

_ Nov. 24 - An officer met with a woman at her place of employment in Abbotsford to discuss a stalking complaint. She said she got off work to get some food with a male friend of hers when she noticed a white pickup truck following them. She said the vehicle followed them as they went to a store in Colby and then stopped at a gas station.

The complainant said she recognized the truck as belonging to someone who wanted to be in a relationship with her. She believes he got jealous because she had her male friend in her vehicle. She did not think he would do anything to hurt her, but she wants him to leave her alone.

The officer called the male subject and spoke to him about the incident. He said he noticed the complainant’s vehicle was in front of him on the road, but said he was not intentionally following her. He said he was getting money out of an ATM and then getting gas for his vehicle. He said he will leave the complainant alone, as she does not want to be in a relationship.

The officer called the complainant back and advised her to get a restraining order if she feels the male subject is a threat.

_ Nov. 26 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence after a female party called 911 asking for help. He met with a woman and her live-in boyfriend. Another arrived so he could speak to the parties separately.

The female party said her boyfriend had been drinking all last night and started again this morning. She said he got upset at her and they started arguing. At one point, she said he pushed her up against a wall, and then onto a couch. She said she was able to push him away and call 911. She had a cut on her bottom lip, which she bit after being pushed.

The officer then spoke to the boyfriend, who had a strong smell of alcohol on his breath. He said he had told the complainant to calm down or he would call the police. He also said she pushed him, causing his glasses to fall off. When the officer asked him why he didn’t call 911, he claimed he did. The officer pointed out that dispatch only received a call from a female party seeking help.

The boyfriend agreed to submit to a preliminary breath test, which showed a blood-alcohol level of .196. He was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

_ Nov. 28 - An officer checked on two possible junk vehicles at a Colby residence on Lieders Street. The officer could see the two vehicles outside an apartment complex, and both license plates were expired.

The officer knocked on the door of one of the apartments, but no one would answer, so he left a note for the tenants to contact him. No one had called by the following day, so the officer returned, rang the doorbell several times, and tapped on a window, but no one answered.

The officer also checked on another vehicle with a license plated still registered to a Chippewa Valley dealership. He spoke to a teen who said his father had just purchased the vehicle from the dealership, and they had the title and paperwork for it. The officer advised him to have to his father contact the dealership so his name could be added to the vehicle’s registration information.