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_ Nov. 9 - An officer was dispatched to the intersection of North Fourth Avenue and Swamp Buck Drive in Abbotsford in response to a hit-and-run property damage complaint. The officer was advised to meet with the manager of a construction site about a vehicle that driven through a fence and into the construction area.

Based on the trail of oil and other fluid leaking from the vehicle, it appeared as if the driver was northbound when he or she crossed the center line, went over the curb, hit a stop sign and then continued northbound across Swamp Drive. The vehicle then went over another curb, through a chain-link fence and struck a tree before turning left through the construction area.

The vehicle drove over building materials, hit a portable toilet and then veered southbound through a fence and back onto Swamp Buck Drive. It eventually turned into the parking lot of a nearby apartment building and came to a stop in one of the spaces. The vehicle did not have any license plates.

The officer met with the apartment manager, who reviewed the security footage and was able to identify the two occupants of the vehicle as tenants of the apartments. The officer went their apartment and spoke with a man who admitted to driving through the construction zone and said it was because his brakes were not working. He also admitted to not having a valid license or insurance on the vehicle.

The man’s name did not come back on file. He was issued citations for hit and run with property damage, reckless driving, driving without a valid license and not having insurance. Damage reports were provided to the city of Abbotsford and the construction company.

_ Nov. 9 - An officer took a report of unpaid gasoline from the manager of an Abbotsford gas station. According to information provided to the officer, the driver of a semi-truck pumped nearly $321 worth of diesel on Nov. 3 and attempted to pay for it at the store, but an error by the cashier resulted in the payment not being accepted.

The officer was able to find a phone number for the driver’s trucking company and he left a voicemail for the owner, asking him to make payment arrangements. There was no response by the following day, so the officer left a second message.

_ Nov. 10 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a suspicious vehicle parked outside, with an individual shining a flashlight through the garage windows. When the officer arrived, he found a vehicle with its lights turned off and a female party in the driver seat. The offi cer met with the woman, who said she was there to meet with a man she met over social media. She said she drove there from Stevens Point, but said she did not even have a flashlight with her to shine in the windows. The officer told her that she was on the wrong street and advised her to go home for the night.

The officer also met with the homeowners. One of them said she was backing out of her driveway when she noticed the other vehicle as it parked in front of their residence. She became suspicious and returned to her residence.

Later that day, the officer returned to the residence when the same vehicle was reported outside again. The vehicle was not there when the officer arrived, so he spoke to the residents. The officer spoke with a male resident who said the vehicle pulled into their driveway, so he walked outside with a loaded shotgun. He said he did not point the gun at the vehicle, but it backed out of the driveway and took off at a high rate of speed. The officer advised the resident not to approach the vehicle with a weapon, but to call police first.

_ Nov. 10 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to an unruly juvenile. A woman there said her teenage daughter was acting up and had threatened her the previous night.

The officer arrived and met with the mother, who said her daughter was in her bedroom with the door locked and was refusing to do her homework. The mother said her daughter’s behavior had been worse the night before, when she threatened to beat up her mother and crawled out of a window onto the roof. The mother said she is not physically afraid of her daughter, but is not sure what to do because she won’t listen.

The officer tried getting the daughter to open her bedroom, but she refused to do so. The offi cer called Clark County Social Services and left a message. The mother was not able to unlock the bedroom door, but the officer was able to speak to the daughter and convince her to speak with a mental health counselor over the phone. Arrangements were made for her to meet with her counselor. The officer advised the mother to call again if the situation gets worse.

_ Nov. 11 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a residence on West Broadway in Colby. The officer could see a mattress leaning against a tree, along with a large bag of cans, a tire and other garbage in the yard. The officer had noticed the same debris three weeks earlier. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the property owners.

_ Nov. 11 - An officer was on patrol in Colby when he noticed a vehicle on STH 13 cross the center line of the southbound lanes, nearly side-swiping a vehicle next to it. The officer pulled over to the side of the road, waited for the vehicle to pass, and then activated his emergency lights. The vehicle continued southbound, crossing over the fog line. The officer activated his siren briefly, and the vehicle returned into the lane of traffic. It came to a stop after the officer hit his siren again.

The driver was trying to roll down his window as the officer approached the vehicle. He was unable to get the window down, so he pointed the officer to the passenger’s side window. The driver did not have any identification, and he was slurring his words as he spoke. He denied having anything to drink that day, but could not explain why he crossed over the traffic lines.

Dispatch reported that the driver’s license was revoked and he had a .02 blood-alcohol restriction. The driver had trouble following directions during the field sobriety tests, and he registered a .154 blood-alcohol content on a preliminary breath test. He was arrested and brought to the police station, where he registered a .13 on the breathalyzer. He was cited for drunk driving (fifth offense), driving after revocation, driving without insurance and driving with a prohibited BAC.

_ Nov. 11 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford business in reference to a teenager who had been kicked out of her apartment by her mother. The business owner said the teen lived in the apartment above the store. The teen said she could stay with a friend that night, but was worried about her younger siblings, who would be left alone once her mother left.

The officer told the teen that her mother could not kick her out, as she was underage. The officer and the teen went to the apartment and spoke to the mother, who said she had only spoken out of anger. The officer advised the mother that she could not legally kick her teenage daughter out of the house.

_ Nov. 11 - Officers were dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a domestic disturbance. One officer spoke to the husband while the other officer spoke to the wife. The couple had recently separated, and the husband had been there to collect some of his belongings when he started arguing with his wife.

The husband started insisting that he was going to stay there for the night, so his wife said she was going to her sister’s. The husband admitted grabbing his wife’s arm and pulling her to the bed. He also said he would not let her call her sister, but when she talked about calling the police, he dialed 911 himself and then handed the phone to her.

The wife also told the police that her husband held her down on the bed using his entire body, but he adamantly denied that. He was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and transported to Clark County Jail.

_ Nov. 14 -- At approximately 3:40 a.m., an officer noticed a running vehicle in the parking lot of a Colby business that was closed. The pickup truck had a snow blower and a lawnmower loaded in the back.

The officer met with the driver, who said he didn’t have anywhere to sleep and was just going to sleep there for the night. The officer told him to move his vehicle to a nearby gas station parking lot instead, but the driver became agitated and wanted to know why the officer had stopped to speak to him. The officer said it was due to the time of night and the fact that the business had been closed for hours.

The officer also asked the driver about the lawnmower and snowblower in the bed of the truck. He said he had purchased them at a scrap yard near Spencer and planned on fixing them up and reselling them.

The driver had several active warrants out of Wood County, but the county did not wish to hold him. He also had a revoked license. He was told to move his vehicle to the gas station parking lot for the night.

_ Nov. 15 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence after a man reported that his neighbors had pulled into his driveway and were passed out drunk. The officer met with the complainant, who said this type of thing had happened before. The officer noted that the two adjacent residences had one connected driveway in front, and the vehicle in question was on the complainant’s side.

The officer met with the occupants of the vehicle. They said the vehicle was not working, so the officer had them push it onto their side of the driveway. The officer told the complainant’s girlfriend to call the police again if there were further issues.