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_ Oct. 19 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a theft complaint. He met with a woman who said she received a package of clothing she ordered from a store, but only one of the five items was in the package. She contacted the store, and they confirmed that all five items were sent together.

The complainant said the delivery was insured, and the company that insured the package wanted her to file a police report as part of the claims process.

_ Oct. 20 - An officer followed up on an investigation into the theft of political signs when he saw a picture of two male suspects holding up a Trump sign and extending their middle fingers. The officer met with one of the suspects at Abbotsford High School, where he is a student.

At first, the suspect denied knowing anything about the stolen signs, but when the officer warned him about the consequences of lying to police, he admitted to taking a sign in Marshfield about three weeks earlier. He said the other suspect in the photo was a friend of his from Colby. He said another friend took the photo, but was not involved in taking the sign.

The officer went to the friend’s house in Colby and spoke to him and his mother. The suspect at first denied knowing anything, but then admitted to taking signs in Marshfield, Stetsonville and two in Colby. The suspect retrieved the signs from a shed and gave them to the officer. He was issued two citations for theft and two for trespassing.

The officer also notified the Marshfield Police Department about the thefts in that city.

_ Oct. 20 - Officers were dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a disturbance between two female subjects. When they arrived, the officers could hear two females yelling at each other from outside the apartment. The officers knocked on the door, and one of the subjects opened it and let them in.

The subject who opened the door said she and her sister, who are both teenagers, were fighting over how their mother treats each of them. The sister was in the kitchen, yelling at the police to leave, and at one point she threw a large metal drink container at her sister. It missed her, but struck a ceramic stand, breaking it.

Officers tried to detain the combative sister, but she refused to come out of the kitchen and speak with them. One of the offi cers grabbed her arm, and as she tried to push away, the officer directed her to the countertop and placed her in handcuffs. She continued resisting as the officer took her to his squad vehicle. At one point, he directed her against the wall to keep her from resisting.

The teen’s mother was contacted and asked if she could help calm her daughter down. The mother arrived and talked to her, but when officers took her out of the squad, she started resisting again. She kicked one of the officers in the shin and leg multiple times before she was placed back into the squad.

A social worker was contacted, and it was arranged for the teen to be brought to a juvenile detention facility in Marathon County. A charge of battery to a law enforcement officer was referred to the court system.

_ Oct. 21 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a civil complaint. The officer met with a woman standing outside in the driveway. She said she had given her dog to her mother about a year and a half ago before she went to jail. She said her mother was taking care of the dog until she got a job and place to stay.

The complainant said she came to her mother’s place to pick up the dog, and her mother ran inside and would not come to the door. The officer talked to the mother, who said she does not want to give the dog to her daughter because she’s concerned she cannot take care of it. She said her daughter has been homeless for several months and does not have a job. The mother said she has been paying for all the dog’s veterinarian bills and caring for it for a year and a half.

The officer told both the mother and her daughter that this was a civil matter that would have to be settled in court. He told the daughter that her mother does not want her on the property anymore, so she left.

_ Oct. 22 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford business in reference to a retail theft complaint. The officer met with the owner, who said two individuals had stolen merchandise from his store the previous night. He showed the officer three empty boxes and identifi ed the items that were stolen.

The owner also showed the offi cer security footage of the two suspects, a male and female. The video showed the suspects picking up various boxes, removing the items inside, putting them in their pockets and then putting the boxes down on the shelves. The owner was able to print off a still frame of the suspects and provide it to the officer. The owner said he also owns another store in Marshfield and planned on posting the video and pictures on Facebook to warn his other employees about the shoplifters. The officer said that would be OK.

The officer went to an adjacent store and showed the picture of the suspects to the cashier. The cashier said they both looked familiar and they had been suspected of stealing items there in the past, but the store never any evidence, so the police were not contacted. The officer also went to a store in Colby and spoke to the cashier there about the two suspects. He also recognized them and said they had been suspected of shoplifting.

Images of the suspects were posted on Facebook, and several messages were sent to the department, all identifying the same two suspects.

_ Oct. 22 - An officer was dispatched to a local hotel in reference to suspicious activity. The officer met with a man there who said he noticed his dog was in the corner of the room. He walked to the corner and found a utility knife under the bed, with black and grey marks on it. The officer took pictures of the knife and told the man to throw it away in the lobby garbage.

_ Oct. 22 - An officer was driving westbound on West Spruce Street in Abbotsford when the car in front of him deviated from its lane and entered the eastbound lane of traffic. The vehicle then made a sharp turn back into the westbound lane before running the stop sign at the Fourth Avenue intersection.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver, who had alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes. The officer noticed an open can of beer in the cup holder and two unopened cans next to it. He could also see another can next to an unopened 24-pack of beer.

The driver said he bought the beer after work and admitted to drinking four of them while drinking around. Dispatch reported that the driver’s license was suspended. The driver agreed to do field sobriety tests and also submitted a preliminary breath test, which indicated a blood-alcohol level of .167.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the police station and then to a hospital in Medford for a blood draw. He was cited for drunk driving and warned about the unsafe lane deviation and failure to stop at a stop sign before being released to a sober party.

_ Oct. 24 - An officer was on patrol in Colby when he ran the license plate of a vehicle on STH 13. The registration came back as expired, so the officer pulled the vehicle over after it turned onto Oak Road. The officer met with the driver and his two passengers. One of the passengers said she was the vehicle’s owner and was waiting for the DMV to send her new license plates.

The K-9 officer arrived on scene, and the vehicle owner handed over a glass marijuana pipe she had in the glove box. The occupants were removed and searched, along with the vehicle, but nothing else was found. The vehicle owner was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia.

_ Oct. 24 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford apartment for a welfare check after the neighbors reported someone yelling and acting strangely. When the officer arrived, he could hear a loud TV and yelling from out in the hallway.

The officer knocked on the door and met with a male subject who said he was just watching TV and eating. He said a piece of food got caught in his throat and he was just clearing his throat. He said he did not need medical attention.

The officer told him to turn his TV down, given that it was 1:30 a.m. and the apartment walls are thin. The man said he was watching the movie with surround-sound to get the full effect. The officer explained the noise ordinance to him and said he needs to be respectful of his neighbors. He was warned that any further noise complaints would result in a citation.

_ Oct. 24 - An officer met with an Abbotsford man at the police station in reference to a civil complaint. The man said he had just moved out of a residence and wanted to get back inside to collect some of his possessions. He said his former roommate claimed those items had been stolen and were no longer there.

The complainant said he just drove past his former residence the previous day and saw a fourwheeler that belongs to him outside. The officer asked him if he had the title or any other proof of ownership. The complainant said he had the registration card, but the previous owner’s name is on it.

The officer called the former roommate and attempted to set up a time for the complainant to come and pick up his things. He left a message, and the roommate later called back and said it would be OK for the complainant to come over that night. The complainant said he was not available then, but would set up a different time.

_ Oct. 25 - An officer responded to a report of two sets of wheels being stolen off of cars at a local dealership. The officer found the two vehicles with the stolen wheels and noticed that the suspect had left a total of four jack stands behind.

The officer contacted the dealership’s owner, who said a friend of his had advised him of the missing tires. The owner said they must have been stolen some time late Saturday or early before 9 a.m. on Sunday.

_ Oct. 25 - Officers were dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a physical fight between two sisters. When they arrived, one of the sisters was visibly upset and crying. She said the fight had started over what she was watching on TV, and her sister attacked.

The victim said she went into the bedroom to avoid her sister, but her sister kept sending her text messages. She said her sister eventually came into the bedroom, slammed the door and threw a couple of boxes at her. She said she tried ignoring her sister, but her sister kicked her in the side as she left the room. Later, the victim said her sister grabbed her by the hair and punched her several times in the face and head. She said she also dragged her out of the bed and slammed her head against a railing. Eventually, their mother called 911.

An officer also spoke to the other sister, who admitted to attacking her and physically assaulting her. A social worker was contacted, and it was arranged for the sister to stay some place else for the night. Charges of battery and disorderly conduct were referred to the juvenile court system.