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_ Oct. 11 - An officer was on North First Street in Abbotsford when he noticed a male subject standing next to a vehicle with a male driver behind the wheel. The individual outside the vehicle told the officer that the driver had called him for a ride after he got into an accident.

The officer could see that the entire left side of the vehicle was damaged, including the driver’s side mirror. The driver’s friend said his friend had struck a parked car, and his friend’s vehicle sustained damage to its front tire, making it inoperable. As the officer spoke to the driver, he could smell alcohol on his breath and could see that his eyes were bloodshot. He claimed to have had two beers earlier that morning.

The driver agreed to come back to the police station for field sobriety tests. He showed signs of intoxication and had trouble maintaining his balance during the tests. He also registered a .15 blood-alcohol level on the breathalyzer. He was cited for drunk driving (second offense), and driving with a revoked license. He was then released to his friend.

_ Oct. 12 - An officer spoke with an Abbotsford woman who wanted to report an incident involving her boyfriend. The complainant said she was text messaging with her neighbor and her boyfriend got mad because he thought she was messaging with someone else. She said he started yelling at her and tried grabbing her before she was able to close the door on him.

The officer met with the boyfriend at another residence in Abbotsford. He claimed the complainant was jealous because she thought he was talking to another woman. He said she threatened to get him put in jail if he didn’t want to stay with her. The boyfriend was arrested for felony bail jumping and taken to the Marathon County Jail.

_ Oct. 12 - An officer met with a Colby man in reference to a harassment complaint. The man said a relative of his was in the process of getting a divorce and was currently staying with him at his residence in Colby. He said the relative’s estranged husband drove past his residence a couple nights earlier, spun his tires and sped off.

The complainant said he does not want the estranged husband anywhere near his place, which is located at the end of a deadend street. The officer agreed to go and speak to the estranged husband, who also lives in Colby. The officer warned him about his behavior and told him to stay away from his estranged wife and her relative.

_ Oct. 13 - An officer responded to a Colby residence in reference to a theft complaint. He met with a woman who said she had come to the residence to buy some masks, and while she was inside, someone stole $195 from her wallet, which she left on the passenger’s seat of her vehicle.

The complainant said she noticed a male individual in a vehicle parked next to hers when the money went missing. She said she confronted him about the missing money, but he denied taking it. The officer also spoke to this man, who claimed he was working on his car when the complainant arrived at the apartment building. He said he does not know anything about the missing money and did not see anyone enter the complainant’s vehicle.

_ Oct. 14 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a residence on South Main Street in Colby. The officer could see a pile of six tires and various other debris, including wood, cardboard and possibly a mattress, also leaning together. The yard also contained a pile of cut wood, building materials and concrete in a pile.

Photographs of the debris were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the property owner.

_ Oct. 14 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a residence on South Second Street in Colby. The offi cer could see a vehicle with front-end damage and no license plate parked in the grass, along with a motorcycle that had tall grass growing around the tires. Its license expired in 2016.

The yard also contained several mowers with grass growing around them, along with an unused hot tub with items stored on top of it and a travel trailer in disrepair. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the property owner.

_ Oct. 18 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in response to a 911 call. The officer met with a woman at the residence who said a fight had occurred among four male subjects.

A male subject leaving the residence had a large scratch on his nose and a red mark on his forehead. He appeared to be intoxicated, and the officer could smell alcohol on his breath. When asked what happened, the male subject said he was partying with the woman at the residence and the woman’s teenage daughter thought he was trying to flirt with her.

The complainant said the daughter’s boyfriend showed up with a friend. He said he went outside to talk with them, and they beat him up. The complainant was unable to elaborate any further, as he was barely able to keep his eyes open and had a hard time standing. When asked how much he had to drink, the complainant said he started drinking after he got off work, but wasn’t sure how much he had consumed. The complainant denied hitting either of the assailants, even in self-defense, and said he wanted them charged.

The two suspects, both teenagers, showed back up at the residence with their parents. One of them identified himself as the boyfriend of the teenage girl living at the residence. He said she had called him because the complainant was trying to hug her and flirt with her.

The boyfriend said he and his friend came over to help her, and they were confronted by the complainant and his friend. He said the complainant got in his face, pushed him back several times and then took a swing at him. He said he punched the complainant in the face a couple of times, and he and his friend also threw rocks before leaving.

The officer also spoke to the friend who came along. He said a friend of the complainant’s attacked him with a belt, so he responded by punching him. Both teens said they eventually left because they did not want to get into trouble.

The officer also spoke to the complainant’s friend, who said he witnessed the complainant getting beaten up by the teens but denied being involved in the fight. The officer noted that he, too, seemed to be intoxicated.

None of the parties wanted to fill out a written statement, so the officer decided to cite all four of them with disorderly conduct.

_ Oct. 18 - An officer spoke to a woman from Stevens Point who had recently purchased two cats from a woman in Colby. The woman said the cats appeared to be healthy, and a veterinarian checked them and said they were OK, but one of them died about a week after she purchased them. The complainant said the woman selling them did not say anything about the cats being sick or having any diseases. The officer contacted the seller, who said the cats were not sick when she sold them. The officer told her not to sell any more cats until she gets the proper license to do so.

_ Oct. 18 - An officer was on STH 13 in Colby when he noticed a vehicle cross over the center line twice. The officer pulled the vehicle over near East Monroe Street and met with the driver, who identified herself verbally because she did not have a driver’s license. The officer could smell alcohol on her breath and her eyes were bloodshot. At first, she denied drinking any alcohol, and said she was trying to eat noodles from a cup in her cupholder while driving. She later said she had two beers before driving.

Dispatch indicated that her license was revoked and she was not allowed to drive with a blood-alcohol content over .02. She was also on probation with the condition that she not possess or consume alcohol.

The officer performed field sobriety tests and also took a preliminary breath test, which indicated a .075 BAC. The driver was arrested for drunk driving (fourth offense) and taken to a hospital in Medford for a blood draw to do alcohol tests. She was also cited for driving with a revoked license and warned about the unsafe lane deviations. A charge of felony bail jumping was also recommended.