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_ Sept. 6 - An officer responded to a report of a mailbox being hit on West Spruce Street in Abbotsford. The officer arrived at the residence shortly after 2 a.m. and saw a mailbox lying on the lawn with a piece of wood still attached. He also observed the wood pole it had been attached to and noticed it was bent back, as if someone had backed into it. The officer also saw a black antenna on the road next to the mailbox. The officer photographed the damage and attempted several times to contact the complainant, but did not get a call back.

_ Sept. 6 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he noticed a vehicle accelerate excessively out of an alley, causing the rear wheels to spin and the vehicle to fishtail.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver, who had alcohol on his breath. The driver was taken to the police station for field sobriety tests, and the officer noticed multiple signs of intoxication. A preliminary breath test indicated a blood-alcohol level of .24. A breathalyzer later registered a BAC of .20. The driver was cited for drunk driving (second offense), driving without a license, excessive acceleration and underage drinking.

_ Sept. 7 - An officer was transporting a domestic abuse suspect to the Clark County Jail in Neillsville when dispatch reported a vehicle going eastbound in the westbound lanes of STH 29 about three miles west of Curtiss.

The officer encountered the vehicle just east of CTH E, and he noted that its headlights were on, but the tail lights were not. Because of the danger posed by the vehicle, the officer decided to conduct a traffic stop and wait for Clark County deputies to arrive. He pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver and his passenger. He noticed an open beer can in the center console and removed it from the vehicle.

As soon as deputies arrived, the officer turned the investigation over to them and continued his trip to Neillsville to drop off of the domestic abuse suspect.

_ Sept. 8 - An officer responded to a report of a gas drive-off and counterfeit bill report at a gas station in Abbotsford. The officer met with the station manager, who provided him with information on a semi driver who had left without paying for $417.22 worth of diesel fuel. The manager also gave the officer a fake $20 the driver had used to pay for something else.

The officer ran the semi’s license plate, and it came back as registered to a company in Georgia. The officer contacted a manager at the company and confirmed that one of its drivers had been in Wisconsin on the date of the drive-off. The manager said he would contact the gas station and pay for the fuel. The officer also contacted the driver, who said he had paid for $111.29 worth of diesel and still had the receipt to prove it. The officer gave the driver the gas station’s phone number so he could call and discuss the amount he owed. When asked about the counterfeit bill, the driver said he was not aware he had a fake bill.

_ Sept. 8 - An officer was informed that a vehicle was caught on camera driving recklessly and “doing doughnuts” at the baseball diamonds in Colby. The officer reviewed pictures of the vehicle and recognized it as belonging to a male subject in Abbotsford.

The officer saw the vehicle pulling into the parking lot of a restaurant in Abbotsford and met with the driver. The driver admitted to being at the park in Colby, and said he was “drifting” to make a video. The officer told him that he would be receiving a citation for disorderly conduct with a motor vehicle, and explained him that he cannot be “drifting” inside the city.

_ Sept. 9 - An officer investigated a possible junk vehicle violation at a Colby residence. The vehicle had an expired license plate and did not appear to have moved in at least 10 days. A snow shovel was leaning against the passenger’s side door, and a decoration with an electrical cord could be seen on the roof. Photographs were taken, and a letter was sent to the owner.

_ Sept. 9 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a Colby residence. The officer could see two partially dismantled pickup trucks on a concrete slab. The vehicles were inoperable and not displaying registration. Various truck parts and other debris were scattered around the area. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the owners.

_ Sept. 10 - An Abbotsford woman came to report issues she was having with her husband. She said he had recently become verbally abusive and made comments about “putting a bullet in her head.” The complainant said she has moved into a rental property she owns and has contacted a lawyer about getting a divorce. She said her husband has mental health issues, and she’s not sure how he will handle it when he finds out she is seeking a divorce.

The complainant also said all of her husband’s firearms have been removed from their residence and he does not have access to them. She said he has never been physically abusive to her before, but she wants his behavior to be documented. She also mentioned that another officer had previously talked to her about the process of getting a restraining order.

_ Sept. 10 - An officer responded to a report of a gas drive-off at a gas station in Abbotsford. He met with the cashier, who said the driver had left without paying $24.66 in gas. She was unable to get the license plate number of the SUV he was driving, but she did write down the license plate on a camper he was hauling. The officer used the number to identify the owner but was unable to get a phone number, so he said him a letter directing him to contact the gas station and pay for the gas.

_ Sept. 11 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a disturbance. The officer met with a couple who said a female party they know tried to break into their house. One of the complainants said the woman had been repeatedly circling the block in a SUV. He said he heard his dog barking and noticed the suspect was halfway through their bedroom window.

The complainant said when he approached her, she threw some paint at him that had been sitting on a dresser next to the window. He said he tried pushing her out, and then confronted her again on his front stoop. He said the suspect was screaming and trying to push past him so she could get at a female party inside. The female party said she and the suspect had issues regarding mutual friends.

Officers went and spoke to the suspect at her place of her work. She said her boyfriend had dropped her off at work that night, and she denied being at the complainants’ residence or trying to crawl through their window. When one of the offi cers asked her why the complainants would make that up, she said one of them owes her money and is afraid she will come and try to collect it.

The suspect at one point denied even driving by the complainants’ residence, but she later admitted to doing so. She also indicated she knew which window led into the complainants’ bedroom. The officer informed her that she will referred to the district attorney for burglary charges.

_ Sept. 11 - An officer responded to a report of someone burning a brush pile outside his residence in Colby. The officer could see a large fire pit that had burned down but was still glowing. He met with the resident, who denied starting a brush fire. When advised of a report that he was burning tree limbs, he admitted to it. The officer warned him about the rules against open burning and explained to him the difference between a brush fire and campfire.

_ Sept. 12 - Local officers received a report from Taylor County about a male caller who claimed to be involved in a drug deal gone bad that ended with him shooting a black male. The caller said the man had tried selling him cocaine or heroin. He said he was now standing outside his vehicle and that he had recently passed several locations that were not recognizable to this area. The caller also claimed he had $50,000 to $70,000 in his vehicle, along with a 9 mm Glock, and was scared the police would shoot him.

An officer checked the Abbotsford- Colby area for the vehicle described by the caller, but did not locate it. He also checked several apartment buildings, trailer parks and other residences, along with local bars and restaurants, but did not see any sign of the vehicle.