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_ July 22 - An officer investigated possible ordinance violations at a residence on West Spruce Street in Abbotsford. The officer could see two vehicles that did not appear to have been moved in quite awhile.

One of the vehicles had bungee straps around the trunk, and the tires were low on air. The registration was current on the vehicle. The other vehicle had items leaned up against it, the registration had expired in 2018. Tall grass was growing around both vehicles.

A warning letter was sent to the occupants of the residence, giving them 10 days to address the junk vehicle violations.

_ July 22 - An officer investigated a possible ordinance violation at a residence on North Third Street in Colby. The offi cer could see an unregistered vehicle parked on the side of the garage that had been there for several days. Photographs were taken, and a warning letter was sent to the property owner.

_ July 22 - An officer investigated a possible ordinance violation on South Main Street in Colby. The officer could see a vehicle parked in the driveway with a 2018 registration sticker. The DMV indicated the license expires in January of 2021. A warning letter was sent to the property owner.

_ July 22 - An officer met with a Colby woman who was reporting that people at the park across from her residence were littering and driving on her lawn. The complainant said people who come to the park regularly park their vehicles next to her property and leave trash on her lawn. She also said a vehicle attempted to turn around at the end of the street, jumped the curb and drove across her lawn, leaving a tire mark.

The complainant said she realizes that not much can be done unless she witnesses the people doing it, but she wanted the police department to be aware of the situation.

_ July 23 - Officers were dispatched to an apartment in Abbotsford after a child called 911 and said her father was being mean to her before she hung up. When the officers arrived, they found a young woman holding a child outside the apartment. The child helped translate for her mother. She said her father had come home after drinking, got mad at them for being on the phone and pulled her hair.

The child also said her father slapped her mother in the face, causing her lip to be swollen and cut. The mother grabbed her child and left the apartment so they could call the police. They said the father did not want to get caught by police, so he jumped out of their secondstory window and ran into a nearby cornfield.

The mother said her husband had hit her twice in the past, and she was afraid it would happen again. She said he was arrested after one of those past incidents.

Officers walked around the area, but could not find the husband. Clark County deputies also arrived to help with the search. They found tracks in the grass, but eventually they faded away. The wife said her husband does not have any friends or family in the area, so she had no idea where he may have gone. She also said the keys to their vehicle were inside their apartment, which were keeping locked. She provided a description of what her husband was wearing. An attempt-to-locate was put out to other law enforcement agencies in the area.

_ July 26 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford store in reference to a theft complaint. The officer met with the manager, who had a woman with him who was suspected of stealing produce from the store. He said store staff had previously seen the woman putting various items in her pockets before leaving the store.

The manager said they stopped the woman after observing her putting three jalapeno peppers in her pockets. She then proceeded to pay for her other groceries and tried leaving the store. The peppers she stole were valued at 21 cents.

The woman was very cooperative and did not deny stealing the peppers. She was issued a citation for retail theft and told that she was no longer welcome inside the store.

_ July 26 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a woman yelling and screaming outside. The offi cer met with the tenant and a man who was there helping her clean her apartment. The tenant said she and the man were dating, and his wife is upset about it. She said she tried to make her husband leave and come home with her.

The man said his wife is crazy and he wants nothing to do with her, so they are in the process of getting a divorce. He and the tenant said got tired of her yelling at them, so they shut the door to the apartment.

The man’s wife was still in her vehicle, which was parked nearby. The officer went and spoke to her, and she claimed her husband was being held against his will. She also claimed that the other woman hit her before grabbing her husband’s arm and pulling him back into the apartment.

The officer viewed a video the wife had recorded on her phone. The video showed her yelling at her husband and the other woman. As the other woman starts to shut the apartment door, the wife can be heard making a comment about her weight. In response, the other woman opens the door back up, steps out, pokes a finger toward the wife’s stomach and makes a comment about her weight in return. She then shuts the door.

The officer told the woman that her husband is an adult and can do as he pleases. He said there is no evidence he is being held against his will, and the video did not show the woman hitting her, as she had claimed. The officer issued her a citation for disorderly conduct for yelling and causing a scene. The offi cer agreed to deliver a note she had written to her husband.