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_ June 14 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a stolen bicycle complaint. The officer met a couple whose daughter’s bike had been taken from their property and replaced with an older one. The complainants said it was taken sometime between the previous night and that afternoon.

The stolen bike was described as a turquoise Schwinn girl’s mountain bike. The bike that was left behind was a black and lime green Murray 10-speed Pro Circuitroadbikewithnoticeable rust and electrical tape keeping the brake cables secured to the frame. One of the complainants was wary about keeping the old bike on their property since it was likely stolen, but the officer advised them to keep it there in case someone returned for it.

_ June 22 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence after a man reported that his neighbor’s kids were going through other people’s mailboxes. The officer spoke to the neighbor, who admitted that the complainant had talked to his kids about not going through people’s mailboxes. The man said his kids are small and did not understand what the complainant was talking to them about. The officer advised him that he needs to tell his kids about not going through other people’s mailboxes.

The officer then went and spoke to the complainant, who said this was not the first time the neighbor’s kids have tampered with people’s mailboxes. He said other neighbors have complained about finding sand other items in their mailboxes.

The officer returned to the neighbor, who again said that his kids don’t know any better. The officer told him it was his responsibility as their father to discipline them. The officer told him that any future complaints would result in further action by the police.

_ June 23 - An officer was assigned to investigate a debit card fraud case that originated in La Palma, Calif. Both the card owner and the suspect live in that city, but the suspect was believed to have used the card at gas stations in Owatonna, Minn., and in Abbotsford. A case file from Owatonna was forwarded to local police, who were informed that the suspect was also believed to have used the card in Abbotsford on April 24.

The Abbotsford gas station had surveillance footage of the suspect using the card to purchase $125 worth of fuel and other items. The suspect also used the station’s scale to weigh his semi, which was used to confirm his identity. The local officer forwarded this information to the district attorney’s office for possible charges.

_ June 24 - An officer responded to a report of someone screaming and yelling at an Abbotsford apartment building. The anonymous caller said an argument had been going on for quite awhile out in the hallway, but when the officer arrived, he did not hear anything.

The officer knocked on the apartment door, and three juveniles came to the door. When advised of the complaint, they admitted to being too loud earlier. The officer told them to keep it down and then left the scene.

_ June 25 - Officers went to an Abbotsford residence to arrest a male subject on a felony warrant. The subject was informed that his probation agent had issued the warrant. The man said he had been complying with the terms of his probation, so he was unsure why a warrant had been issued. One of the officers used the man’s identification to confirm the warrant. He was taken into custody and transported to the Clark County Jail.

_ June 24 - An officer investigated a complaint of an unregistered vehicle on North Fifth Street in Abbotsford. The offi cer could see a vehicle next to a garage with no license plate and grass and weeds growing around it. There was also a stack of three tires behind the vehicle. The officer photographed the vehicle, and a warning letter was sent to the owners.

_ June 25 - An officer was asked to investigate an anonymous complaint of a junk vehicle on South Third Street in Colby. On June 27, the officer stopped by the residence and spoke to the owner, who said the vehicle was still registered but just didn’t have the plates on it. He said he would reattach the plates, and the following day, the officer drove by again and confi rmed that the plates were on.

_ June 26 - An officer was asked to follow up on a report of possible domestic abuse involving an Abbotsford couple who had been stopped for speeding in Waupaca County. The deputies who did the traffic stop said the woman told them about an incident in May when her boyfriend choked her until she almost passed out. She said she fought him off by hitting him in the face, and he responded by punching her in the mouth and stomping on her. The woman claimed she had suffered a miscarriage as a result of the attack.

The officer interviewed the woman at the sheriff’s department in the county where the traffic stop occurred. She said she and her boyfriend had been together since February, and in April, she found out she was pregnant. She said the incident she told the deputies about happened sometime in mid-May. She said they had been arguing and it escalated into pushing each other. She said he grabbed her in an attempt to control her, and she fought back because she felt like she was being choked.

The complainant admitted to hitting her boyfriend in the face during the altercation, giving him a black eye. She said he then hit her in the mouth, causing her a great deal of pain, and resulting in her “going to sleep.” However, she refused to characterize it as passing out. She said several of their neighbors knocked on their door because they heard yelling and screaming, but the incident was not reported to the apartment manager or the police.

The complainant said she went to her doctor a couple days after the incident and was told that she was no longer pregnant. After the officer started talking about what would happen next, the complainant started to minimize what happened and tried to blame herself. She said the fight escalated when she broke her boyfriend’s PlayStation. She said she did not want to get him into any trouble.

The deputies who stopped the boyfriend for speeding learned that he had also been smoking marijuana and had over 50 grams of the drug in the vehicle. They said he had asked to speak with an attorney, and because of this, the local officer decided not to attempt to question him. Based on the girlfriend’s statements, he was arrested for domestic battery and strangulation and taken to jail.

_ June 26 - An officer responded to a report of a dog bite in Abbotsford. He met with a woman and her son, who had a small bruise and puncture mark on his right leg. He said he was bitten by a dog while at his friend’s house. The officer went to the friend’s house and spoke with the owners about the incident. They said the dog is normally tied up in the yard and has been vaccinated. The officer provided them with a rabies control form and explained the quarantine process to them.

_ June 27 - An officer noticed a lone individual standing outside an Abbotsford apartment building at 3 a.m., so he stopped to ask him what he was doing. The man said he lives in Green Bay and was there to see a woman he met online. He said she had sent him a message asking if he could pick her and her vehicle up at an impound lot in Waupaca. He said he arranged for a friend to drop him off in Waupaca so he could drive her and her car back to Abbotsford. Once they arrived there, he said she would not let him into her apartment. He said she told him he could wait in her car instead.

The man said he tried lining up a ride back to Green Bay, but he was unsuccessful. He said he walked to a bar earlier that night, but they kicked him out, so he returned to the apartment building. His cell phone battery had died, so the officer took him to the police station so it could be charged. The officer realized he had dealt with the woman in question earlier that day when her boyfriend was arrested. She did not have a driver’s license.

The male subject said he realized he had been used. The officer gave him a ride to a 24-hour gas station, and he was allowed to stay there while he tried to get a ride back to Green Bay. He was unable to find one, so another offi cer on the day shift helped him get a bus ticket instead.

_ June 28 - An officer met with a woman in Colby to discuss a harassment complaint. She said she just entered a new relationship with man who is estranged from his wife. She said the wife had been following them around and harassing them and her children.

The officer was informed that the wife had come to the police station to speak about the situation. The officer met her there, and she discussed the issues she was having with her estranged husband. The officer warned her not to have further contact with the complainant and her children.