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_ April 27 - An officer responded to a Colby residence after a woman reported that someone had shot a BB through her window. The complainant said believed the damage had been done sometime during the previous day. She did not want to press charges, but she did want the responsible party to pay for replacing the window.

The officer photographed the window, which had a horizontal crack running across the entire frame. The complainant she has previously seen a neighbor boy shooting a BB gun in his backyard. The officer spoke to several of the woman’s neighbors before he came into contact with a boy who admitted to owning two BB guns. He said he was out shooting on the day the window was damaged, but he denied shooting in the direction of the complainant’s house.

The officer noticed the boy was nervous and planned to interview him a second time after gathering more information.

_ April 28 - An officer responded to a residential burglary alarm going off at a house in Abbotsford. Two Clark County deputies also responded to the scene. The officer did a perimeter check of the property and did not any signs of a break-in. He also checked all of the doors and windows, which were closed and locked. He rang the doorbell, but no one answered.

Dispatch tried contacting the homeowner using three different phone numbers, but they were unsuccessful. A dispatcher also left a voicemail message on one of the phone lines, but it was not returned. Since there did not appear to be any signs of a burglary or break-in, the officer and deputies cleared the scene.

_ April 27 - An officer was assigned to investigate a gas driveoff that occurred at an Abbotsford gas station on April 25. The officer recognized the name of the vehicle owner as someone who had previously skipped out on a fuel bill at another local gas station. In the April 25 incident, she allegedly told the clerk that she forgot her wallet and promised to be back within an hour to pay for the gas.

The officer knew that the suspect had previous encounters with the Loyal Police Department, so he contacted the Loyal police chief. The chief confi rmed that he and his officers were familiar with the woman, and he agreed to have her contact Colby-Abby police about the gas drive-off. The chief called the officer back later, and said the woman denied ever being in Abbotsford recently.

The chief called back a second time and said the woman had called his department and accused police of harassing her. The officer dialed the number the woman used to call the Loyal police and left her a message.

The woman called back and admitted to skipping out on the two local gas stations because she didn’t have any money. She asked the officer if she could have another week and a half to come up with the money to pay for the fuel. The officer gave her until May 9 to pay for the gas or she would be cited for two counts of theft. The woman thanked the officer.

Later that day, the officer received another call informing him that the same woman had skipped out on gas bills in Marshfield. The officer decided to go around to each of the gas stations in the area to warn them about the woman’s history of not paying for gas. He provided each station with a copy of her driver’s license.

_ April 30 - An officer ran the license plate of a vehicle traveling on West Pine Street in Abbotsford and discovered that the registered owner did not have a license on file with the state. The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver, who admitted that he did not have a valid license. He said he did have insurance on the vehicle, but did not have proof with him.

Dispatch reported that the license had been revoked due to an alcohol-related violation. The K-9 officer came to the scene, and the dog alerted to the presence of drugs. A small amount of marijuana was found behind the driver’s seat. The driver was cited for driving after revocation, driving without proof of insurance and possession of marijuana.

_ April 30 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a noise complaint. When he arrived, the officer could hear music coming from inside the residence. He spoke to the owner, who agreed to turn the volume down.

_ May 1 - An officer responded to a report of four juvenile males fighting near the old police station in Abbotsford. The caller said it appeared as though one of the juveniles was lying on the ground while the others kicked him.

The officer arrived but did not see anyone around. The offi cer patrolled the area, looking down alleys and checking parking lots, but he did not find any juveniles. The officer called the woman who reported the fight to dispatch. She said she was looking out her window when she saw one male juvenile with his head being held down, while the other three surrounded him. She said she didn’t actually see the juvenile being kicked, but she thought it was about to happen, so she called the police. She said the males all took off running down a nearby alley.

The officer continued to check the area, but didn’t see any juveniles matching the caller’s description. He passed the information on to other officers in case they got any similar reports.

_ May 1 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford apartment in reference to a woman screaming out in the parking lot. When the officer arrived, the found two women in the parking lot, one seated in a vehicle and the other standing nearby. Everything seemed to be peaceful, and after talking to the women, the officer concluded that there were no issues.

Later that night, the same woman who called in the first complaint called the police again and accused the women in the parking lot of threatening her. Officers arrived and spoke to the complainant, who claimed to have audio evidence of the threats on a home recording device, but she unable to access the comments and did not want to hand the device over for the police to check it. The complainant also made several other comments about the women in the parking lot, but none of them pertained to her report.

After speaking again to the women in the parking lot, the officers left the scene.

_ May 2 - Two officers were dispatched to Dorchester to assist Clark County with a domestic disturbance. The nearest deputy was in Loyal at the time, so the officer handled the incident themselves.

An unidentified caller had reported hearing kids making noise and yelling in an apartment, and she thought someone may have been hit. The officers arrived at the apartment and found a man and three young boys watching TV in the living room. The boys’ mother said they get loud sometimes, and their father has to yell at them. She also said their upstairs neighbors don’t like them. Everything appeared to be OK, so the officers left.