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_ Jan. 20 - An officer responded to a complaint of a possible license plate theft in Abbotsford. The officer met with a couple who said the front bumper was missing from their vehicle. They were not sure if had been taken or had fallen off.

The complainants said they were concerned about getting pulled over for not having a front license plate. They also wondered what would happen if someone else was using the plate, and how they could get a new one. The officer explained their options to them and filed a report for the record.

_ Jan. 21 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in response to a found credit card. The officer met with a woman who handed him a credit card she found in her vehicle while it was parked at the gas station. She had no idea who put the card in her vehicle, but said it was unlocked while it was parked. The woman said the card was placed on her driver’s seat and figures someone saw it laying on the ground and thought it belonged to her.

The woman said she searched for the name on the card and was able to contact him online. She said the man had canceled the card already. The officer ran the man’s name through dispatch, and was able to get a phone number. He called and left a message for him to call the police department.

_ Jan. 22 - A woman called to report a possibly intoxicated snowmobile rider parked at a gas station in Colby. Officers responded to the station and found a man sitting on a snowmobile. The engine was off, but the key was still in the ignition.

The rider said the engine had overheated and he was letting it cool off. When asked where he was coming from, the man was hesitant and said he had come from Abbotsford and was on his way home in Colby. He told the officers he drank two beers while playing darts in Dorchester, and the last drink he had was about 20 minutes ago.

One of the officers had the driver take off his helmet and gloves so he could do field sobriety tests. The driver showed signs of intoxication and had trouble maintaining his balance. He agreed to do a preliminary breath test, but due to the cold temperature, an accurate sample could not be taken.

The driver was arrested and taken to the police station, where he refused to provide a breathalyzer sample. He was cited for operating a snowmobile while intoxicated and refusal to provide an evidentiary breath sample.

_ Jan. 24 - A Colby woman called to report that she was receiving threatening and harassing comments through her Instagram account. The complainant said she was having a conversation with someone who was looking for information about her sister. She said the man she was speaking to lives in South Carolina, and he had demanded $1,000 or he would hurt her.

The officer told the complainant that it was most likely a scam and advised her to block the man from contacting her through Instagram. The officer also checked out the man’s profi le on Instagram and found out that he had a website for posting and showing photos. The officer did not receive any further complaints from the Colby woman.

_ Jan. 25 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford address in reference to a loose dog running around the neighborhood. The calling party said the dog was barking and growling at him at one point.

The officer met with the complainant, who said he was shoveling his mother’s driveway when the neighbor’s dog came running out toward him. He said the dog barked and growled at him for a short time before returning to its owner’s backyard. He said his mother tried to contact the neighbor but he had been gone since that morning.

The officer could hear the dog walking around the neighbor’s backyard and barking. The offi cer knocked on the owner’s door and rang the bell several times, but no one answered. He ran the license plate of a vehicle parked in the driveway, and was able to leave a phone message for the owner. The officer also caught the dog and put it in the garage.

Later that day, the officer met with the owner as he was pulling into his driveway and advised him of the complaint. The owner apologized and said he was not sure how his dog got out. The officer said he was only getting a warning this time, but any future complaints would result in a citation.

_ Jan. 26 - Officers responded to a report of a truck in the snowbank and walking away on Third Street in Colby. The offi cers located two male subjects in the area. One of the male parties had alcohol on his breath, but officers were unable to determine who had been driving the truck. The male party said his mother had parked the truck that way.

The truck was not stuck, just parked in the side of a snowbank. However, the officer noted it was over the curb. A sober driver later removed the truck and re-parked it in a more appropriate location.

_ Jan. 26 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he noticed a vehicle without headlights on after dark. The officer watched as the vehicle pulled into a driveway and ran the license plate number. Based on how the vehicle was parked, the officer thought it would possibly leave again right away, but it became clear that it was stuck in snow. The officer stopped at the residence and spoke with a man who lived there but was not the registered owner of the vehicle. The man had the odor of alcohol on his breath, but he claimed his friend had driven the vehicle there. The officer was not 100 percent positive who had been driving the vehicle, so he decided not to pursue a drunk driving investigation. The officer did warn the man that only a sober driver could move the vehicle. The officer noticed the vehicle was still in the same spot later that day.

_ Jan. 27 - An officer pulled a vehicle over in Abbotsford for having a defective headlight. During the traffic stop, the passengers said they thought the officer was there because their friend had gotten his truck stuck in the nearby industrial park.

The officer did see two trucks leaving the industrial park, so after he finished with the traffi c stop, he went to the industrial park to look around. The officer could tell that a vehicle had tried to drive out onto the field at the south end of South Eleventh Street, but had gotten stuck. He found some plastic vehicle pieces left behind.

The officer also noticed that the gate to the city’s wastewater treatment plant had been left open and unlocked, and the door to the treatment ponds was open several inches. He checked the area out, but didn’t find anything suspicious.