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_ Jan. 6 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford store in reference to a woman stealing a bottle of whiskey. A store employee showed the officer video of the woman taking the bottle off the shelf, walking around the store and then exiting without paying for it.

The officer thought he recognized the woman in the video based on past encounters. The store employee said the same suspect had stolen liquor from the store back in August, and that incident was reported to police as well.

The officer contacted a relative of the woman he thought he recognized in the video. The relative said the suspect was already in jail for stealing liquor from a store in Marshfield. The officer contact Marathon County Jail, and was told the suspect was booked on Jan. 4.

The officer also looked up the previous theft complaint and discovered that it was a different woman who had been identifi ed as a suspect. He called the phone number on file for that suspect, but it was temporarily out of service.

_ Jan. 6 - An officer responded to an Abbotsford store in reference to a male suspect caught on video stealing a bottle of whiskey on Dec. 31. The footage showed the suspect putting the bottle inside his jacket and then purchasing two 12-packs of beer before leaving the store.

The store’s owner had written down the suspect’s license plate number, and the officer used it to track down his residence in Abbotsford. The officer confronted the suspect at his apartment, and he admitted to stealing the whiskey. He gave the officer $15.81 as restitution for the store, and the officer cited him for retail theft.

_ Jan. 6 - An officer met with a Colby man in reference to a theft complaint. He said sometime during bow hunting season in November, someone had stolen a pair of binoculars and his wife’s necklace from his vehicle while it was parked in his driveway. He said the vehicle was unlocked, and he had no idea when exactly the items were stolen. The officer noted that several other thefts from vehicles had been reported around that time.

_ Jan. 7 - An officer was notifi ed of a child custody complaint involving a child who had not been picked up from school on time in Abbotsford. The child’s father lives outside of the area and wanted to know what was going on. The officer contacted the child’s mother, who said a babysitter was late to pick him up, but there was still an after-school activity going on anyway. The officer relayed this message to the father.

_ Jan. 7 - An officer responded to a report of students possibly drinking alcohol during a basketball game in Abbotsford. The officer spoke to the athletic director, who reported the smell of alcohol coming from three students in the bleachers. The three boys were brought into the cafeteria for breathalyzers, and all three blew .000 percent. When the boys were asked if anyone else in their section was drinking, they said they weren’t sure.

_ Jan. 8 - An officer observed an open door at a downtown business in Abbotsford. The officer did not see any signs of forced entry. He walked through the open door and found another door that was unlocked and led to stairs going to the second floor. A Clark County deputy was called to the scene for backup. They announced their presence before walking up to the second floor, where they found an apartment. The man who lives there said the outer door doesn’t always stay closed. The officer advised him to make sure the door is secure.

_ Jan. 8 - A woman called to request a welfare check on her son, who is staying at his father’s place in Colby. She said her son always comes home from there dirty, stinky and with a rash. She also had concerns about the father having firearms lying around that her son could potentially access.

The complainant said the father would not be home until the following day, and that his sister is currently watching the child. She said she is not worried about her son’s well-being when the sister is watching him, only the father.

_ Jan. 8 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a dog found running loose. He met with a woman who had a black dog she found running near Spence Street and South Second. The offi cer recognized the dog as one that had previously been found running loose. The officer went to the dog owner’s house, but no one was home. A voicemail was also left for the owner.

Later that evening, the owner came to the police department to claim his dog. He was cited for allowing a dog to run loose.

_ Jan. 8 - Officers were dispatched to a Colby apartment in reference to a man trying to force his way in. While en route, dispatch reported that the female party involved had gone to a different apartment, and the male suspect had fled on foot.

Officers located the suspect at a nearby intersection and detained him for questioning. One of the officers stayed with the suspect while the other went and spoke to the female party. The complainant said she and her fiancé were arguing on their way home and she told him to stay outside until he calmed down.

The complainant said he started to walk away, but then he shoved her aside and pushed the apartment open, pinning the complainant’s daughter against the wall. The daughter said she did not get hurt.

The officer returned to the suspect to get his side of the story. He said they had been arguing off and on all day, but he said he never raised his voice. When asked, he admitted to pushing the door open, but said he didn’t do it that hard. He said he did not realize the complainant’s daughter was hit by the door.

Dispatch reported that the suspect was out on bond for a previous domestic incident related to the complaint. He was arrested for domestic disorderly conduct and bail jumping and taken to Clark County Jail.

_ Jan. 9 - An officer spoke to an Abbotsford woman who was requesting a welfare check for her son’s friend. The caller said her son received a message in which the friend talked about breaking a pact not to commit suicide or cut themselves. The woman’s son said he reported his friend’s behavior to a staff member at school.

Officers went to the friend’s house in Abbotsford, and her mother seemed upset that they were there. The teen came to speak to the officers with her parents present. When asked about making suicidal comments, she denied doing so and said it was actually the friend who reported her who was talking about killing himself.

The teen said she had no plans of harming herself. Her mother said she had problems in the past, but is better after seeing a counselor.

The officers returned to the reporting party’s house and spoke to the teen who originally reported the comments. His mother showed officers the comment he had received. He said he did not know why his friend would say he made suicidal comments. While talking to the officers, the teen got emotional and admitted to having suicidal thoughts recently. An officer contacted a mental health facility, and had a counselor speak to the teen and his mom, who worked out a safety plan.

_ Jan. 11 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence for a welfare check after a woman reportedly made comments to her daughter about harming herself. When asked about the comments, the woman said she used the word “dead” in a text message exchange with her daughter, but did not say it in a way to suggest she was suicidal.

The woman admitted she had been suicidal in the past, but was not currently thinking about harming herself. She also acknowledged that she had not taken her depression medication in two weeks, but said she was going to the pharmacy to get more.

The officer could smell alcohol on the woman’s breath, and she admitted to having 10 beers since the previous night. The officer contacted a mental health center and a counselor there said they already had a safety plan in place for the woman. She was given the center’s phone number to call.

_ Jan. 12 - Officers were dispatched to Dorchester to check on a door alarm going off at a business. Clark County was busy with a case elsewhere, so the officers were asked to assist until a deputy arrived.

When they arrived, all of the building’s doors appeared to be closed, but there was a ladder leaned up against a fence surrounding the property. The offi cers were briefly called back to Abbotsford for an incident at a bar, but they returned to Dorchester and helped a deputy search the building. Multiple exterior doors were found unlocked, and one small bay door was also unlocked, but there was no one inside.

_ Jan. 12 - Dispatch received a call from someone at an Abbotsford bar requesting help from the police, but there were no other details. Local officers were in Dorchester when the call came in, and a Clark County deputy was actually passing through Abbotsford on his way to Dorchester, so he stopped at the bar. The deputy was told that there had been some unruly patrons at the bar and a possible fight, but the patrons had since left. The deputy told the two offi cers coming from Dorchester to Abbotsford to disregard the matter since it seemed to be resolved.

_ Jan. 12 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he noticed an SUV parked at a dead end on South First Avenue near Christie Circle. The vehicle had all of its lights off, and the offi cer located two passengers in the back, sitting in the dark.

The officer identified the two passengers, and one of them had an active warrant for contempt of court related to a traffi c citation in Whitewater. The male party did not believe he had a warrant, but the officer was able to confirm it. The man was taken into custody and brought to the police station. A friend came from Merrill to post the $130 bond, and the man was released.