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_ Dec. 16 - A Colby woman called to report reckless drivers in her neighborhood on Main Street. She said two different trucks are constantly driving recklessly, and one of them was doing “donuts” at the corner of East Clark and South Main the night before. The complainant identified the residence where she said the trucks come from. An officer told her that extra patrols would be done in her neighborhood.

_ Dec. 17 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in reference to a gas drive-off. The officer spoke to a store employee who said the driver had pumped $21.40 worth of gas and left without paying. The officer ran the license plate number and was able to get a phone number for the vehicle’s registered owner. He called the woman a few days later, and she said she would make arrangements to pay for the gas.

_ Dec. 17 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to suspicious activity and possible theft. The officer spoke with a man who said his girlfriend was sleeping when a loud bang outside his house woke her up. He said he was fixing a truck that had broken down outside the city when it happened.

The complainant said when he came back home he tried to figure out what the sound might have been. He opened the door of a vehicle parked near the house and slammed it shut. His girlfriend said it sounded exactly like the sound she heard, so they figured someone had possibly taken things from inside the vehicle. The owner of the vehicle checked but did not notice anything missing.

The complainant also said the front door of his house was unlocked and the door to his garage was open, which he thought was suspicious.

_ Dec. 18 - An officer spoke with a Colby man about a threatening voicemail message he received on his phone. The complainant said he did not recognize the incoming phone number, so he let the call go to voicemail. The message consisted of a profanity directed at the complainant and nothing else.

The complainant said he was able to use the White Pages to get a name and location attached to the phone number, but he did not recognize the man’s name. The officer told him that maybe it was a wrong number, and the complainant agreed. The officer also looked up the caller’s name, but did not notice anything of concern.

_ Dec. 20 - Officers went to a residence in Colby after a woman there requested to speak with the police. The officers met with the woman and a man who said he wanted to know why the police had been looking for him. The officers informed that he had active warrants with a $65.80 bond. The man was able to post the full bond amount, and the warrant was cleared through dispatch.

_ Dec. 20 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when the ran the license plate of a vehicle traveling in front of him. Dispatch came back with the name of the registered owner, but his name was not on file with the Department of Transportation.

The officer pulled the vehicle over just north of West Pine Street and made contact with the driver. The officer could smell the slight odor of burnt marijuana as they spoke. The driver identified himself with a North Carolina ID and his passenger provided a Puerto Rican ID car.

The officer returned to his squad to run their names through dispatch. While he was doing that, the K-9 officer arrived on scene and walked his dog around the vehicle. The dog alerted to the presences of narcotics. The officer asked the driver if he had any drugs in the vehicle, and he shook his head no. The officer had the driver and his passenger step out of the vehicle so it could be searched.

The officer recovered .2 grams of marijuana, a small blunt with marijuana in it, and a Tramadol pill. The drug is listed as a schedule four controlled substance, and the driver admitted that he did not have prescription for it. The passenger also said he did not have a prescription. Both the driver and the passenger also denied that the marijuana belonged to them.

The driver had an active warrant out of Washington County, so he was arrested and transported to Clark County Jail. He was also cited for possession of marijuana and driving while suspended, and a charge of possessing a controlled substance was also recommended. The passenger was released.

_ Dec. 21 - An officer was on STH 13 in Abbotsford when he ran the license plate of a northbound vehicle. The registered owner of the vehicle came back as not having a driver’s license.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver, who identified himself with a Mexican ID card. The officer ran his name through dispatch and confirmed that he had no license and also had an active warrant out of Marathon County. The driver was arrested and brought to the police station, where he posted the full $500 bond amount. He was given a new mandatory court date and released.

_ Dec. 22 - An officer was patrolling West Pine Street in Abbotsford when he ran the license plate of a westbound vehicle. Dispatch indicated that the vehicle’s registered owner did not have a driver’s license, so the offi cer pulled the vehicle over.

The officer met with the driver and ran his name through dispatch. He came back as having an active warrant out of Clark County with a $210.30 bond. He was arrested and taken to the police station, where he posted the full bond amount and was released.

_ Dec. 22 - An officer met with a Colby woman at the police station to discuss the child custody agreement she has with her exboyfriend. She said they had a court order stating that they would alternate weeks with their child. She said it was her week to have their child, but her ex-boyfriend has a generic paper regarding common custody arrangements and is using it to claim he can pick up their child on Christmas morning.

The officer reviewed the court order and said she continue following that. He advised her to also contact her attorney to verify that nothing has changed with the arrangement. The complainant said she’s worried that her ex would try to take their child by force. The officer told her to call the police if he shows up.

_ Dec. 22 - An officer was dispatched to a restaurant in Abbotsford in reference to occupants of a vehicle having open containers of alcohol while going through the drive-through. The manager of the restaurant told dispatch that she had the vehicle pull ahead to a waiting space and was withholding their food until police arrived.

The officer met with driver of the vehicle, who identified himself with a Mexican ID card. When told about the complaint, the driver said they had just bought some beer and were stopping to get food before coming back home. The driver said he had not been drinking and he showed no signs of impairment. The officer got names from the driver’s three passengers, but none of them came back on file. Dispatch reported that the driver had two active arrest warrants out of Clark County. He was arrested and taken to the police station, where he posted the full amount of both bonds, $324.30.

One of the passengers admitted that there were empty bottles of alcohol in the vehicle that they had consumed at their house and were taking them to be disposed of. The offi cer warned them about having open alcohol containers in a vehicle. A sober driver was called to pick up the passengers.