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_ Nov. 18 - The Taylor County Sheriff’s Department contacted a local officer and informed him that they had arrested a suspect accused of physically assaulting and threatening a Colby woman the day before. In that incident, the woman claimed that the suspect held her on the floor and swung brass knuckles toward her head.

The suspect was interviewed at the police station. He said he knew he had been arrested because of the incident with the Colby woman, but he denied anything criminal happened. He claimed that he went to her apartment to collect $120 she owed him.

When the officer pressed him for more details, the suspect said he and his girlfriend went to the woman’s apartment. He said he had his girlfriend speak from outside the door so the woman wouldn’t know it was him. He said as soon as she opened the door, he asked her about the money and she said she didn’t have it. He said they verbally argued for awhile before the woman slammed the door in his face.

The suspect did admit to punching out the window out of anger before they left. When asked about the brass knuckles, he denied having them, but said he put a metal watch band around his knuckles for “protection” from the woman. He claimed he was scared of her because she has a violation reputation. The suspect admitted to holding his fist up in the air while demanding his money, but he said he never touched the complainant.

The officer also spoke to the suspect’s girlfriend, who revealed that the suspect did, in fact, have brass knuckles on during the incident. However, she said the suspect never entered the woman’s apartment and didn’t do anything physical to her. The officer also spoke to a neighbor who witnessed the confrontation and confirmed the girlfriend’s account.

The suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct, criminal damage to property and endangering safety with use of a deadly weapon. The brass knuckles were taken as evidence.

_ Nov. 19 - An officer was on patrol in Colby, traveling north on STH 13 near East Adams Street, when he noticed a van crossing the fog line several times. The offi cer pulled the vehicle over near Dehne Drive.

The officer identified the driver and her two passengers. One of them, a male subject, had an active felony warrant out of Clark County. He was arrested and taken to jail, and the driver was warned about the lane deviations.

_ Nov. 21 - An officer observed a northbound vehicle on STH 13 with one of its taillights out. The officer stopped the vehicle and met with the driver, who was aware of the taillight not working. The officer ran the man’s name through dispatch, and he came back as having a valid warrant for failure to a pay a $10 fine. He was taken into custody and transported to the police station, where he posted the bond and was released.

_ Nov. 21 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford residence in reference to a burglar alarm going off. When the officer arrived at the house, it was dark, and there was no damage to any of the doors or windows. The owners’ truck was in the driveway, but no one was home.

The officer contacted the owners, who said they were out of town on business. They said the alarm was most likely triggered by one of their cats.

_ Nov. 22 - An officer was on patrol in Abbotsford when he ran the license plate of a vehicle on North Fourth Avenue. The officer had seen the vehicle earlier and suspected the driver was driving with a suspended license due to a drunk driving conviction.

The officer had also received information from the school resource officer, who heard from the woman’s children that they were planning to leave the area because the woman was afraid of going to jail.

The officer pulled the vehicle over and met with the driver. She said she knew she wasn’t supposed to be driving, but she was getting fast food for her kids. She also admitted that she did not have insurance on the vehicle and had not yet installed an ignition interlock device required by the court. Dispatch confirmed that the woman’s license was revoked, and that she was not allowed to drive without a license as a condition of her probation. She was arrested for bail jumping and cited for driving while revoked and driving without insurance. Her sister said she would take of her kids.

_ Nov. 23 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford business in reference to a theft complaint. He met with the owner and his son, who said someone had taken $2,000 in cash from the store’s office, sometime between 9:30 a.m. and noon, when they first noticed in missing.

Theownersaidthemoneyhad come from a car they sold earlier that day, but they never secured it properly. The owner’s son identified three customers who had been in the store during that time. He said one of them had a male friend with him, and he was their primary suspect.

A Fed Ex delivery man also dropped off a package during the day, but other than that, the owner’s son said it was just him and another employee there all day.

_ Nov. 23 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford business in reference to a hit-andrun accident in the parking lot. The officer met with a man who said he noticed two dents on his truck’s tailgate as soon as he came out of the store. The officer photographed the damage.

A store employee said there were security cameras in the parking lot, but he was unable to access the footage for the officer. The officer said he stop back later to see the video.

_ Nov. 23 - An officer was asked to call a woman who wanted to speak to him about a traffic complaint made earlier the day.

The officer called and spoke to a woman who said she was out walking her dog in an alley near her house when she heard a vehicle’s engine revving. She saw a dark-colored truck run through the four-way stop at West Spruce Street and North Fourth Avenue. She said the truck then sped into the alley and went past her at a high rate of speed. She said she has seen the same truck run through the stop signs multiple times, but she never knew until that day where the driver lived.

Officers went to the residence she pointed out and spoke to the driver, who denied speeding or running the stop signs. It was noted that he had, in fact, been pulled over for speeding before. He was warned that any further complaints would result in citations.

_ Nov. 24 - Officers were dispatched to a Colby apartment in reference to a noise complaint. They met with a woman who said there was loud music coming from the apartment below hers. She said she has complained to the landlord about this before, and the landlord advised her to contact the police.

Officers went to the downstairs apartment and could hear loud music as they approached. A woman answered the door and she was told about the complaint. She apologized and turned the volume down on her music.