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_ Nov. 4 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence in reference to a theft. He met with the complainant, who said someone had taken a pair of sunglasses, a silver flashlight and an unopened tin of chewing tobacco from the center console of his truck. The truck was parked in his garage at the time, and he had accidently left the overhead door open for about a half-hour that night.

A single set of footprints could be seen in the fresh snow, leading up to the garage and then onto West Carol Street.

_ Nov. 5 - A local bank employee called to report credit card fraud. She said an unidentified female party had used multiple credit cards to withdraw a large sum of money from the bank’s ATM on Nov. 3. The bank employee said all of the transactions were reported as fraudulent, and the suspect depleted all of the ATM’s cash.

The same suspect had also used stolen credit cards at the bank’s ATMs in Wausau and Weston that same day. The bank employee said she will provide police with surveillance footage and an exact dollar amount once it was determined.

_ Nov. 5 - Officers were dispatched to an Abbotsford residence for a welfare check. They met with a woman who told them that her house was bugged and people are writing articles about her on the internet.

The woman acknowledged that she is a meth user, but said she had not used any in four days. The officer asked her who was writing articles about her on the internet, but she wasn’t sure. She said they don’t use her name, but she knows they are referring to her. An officer advised her that paranoia is often a side effect of meth use, and that no one was writing about her or bugging her house.

The woman said she attends counseling for meth addiction, and is close to being accepted into a program. Officers determined that she was not a danger to herself or others, so they left the residence.

_ Nov. 8 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford gas station in reference to a gas skip. He spoke with a cashier, who said a female driver had pumped $38 worth of gas and left without paying. The vehicle was registered to a couple in Bloomer.

The officer contacted the Chippewa County sheriff’s department and got a number for one of the vehicle owners. He said his wife had been in Abbotsford, and there was some confusion among her group about who was paying for gas. He said he would try to pay for the gas over the phone using a credit card.

The officer followed up with the cashier a couple days later, and was told that the gas still had not been paid for. The cashier said the gas station does not accept credit card payments over the phone. The officer sent a letter to the vehicle’s registered owners, telling them to pay for the gas by Nov. 30 or a citation would be issued.

_ Nov. 8 - Officers were dispatched to an Abbotsford apartment in response to noise complaint. They met with a woman who said her upstairs neighbor’s daughter was banging on the floor with her crutches, and then going to the basement and also banging on the ceiling below her apartment.

An officer went and spoke to the upstairs neighbor, who said her daughter was not home at the time. The officer asked her to speak with her daughter about keeping the noise down.

The complainant called back twice with identical noise complaints — once later that night and again the following night. An officer checked the basement, but did not find anyone down there. Officers also spoke to the neighbor’s daughter, who denied that she was banging on the floor or that she had gone down to the basement.

Officers relayed this information to the complainant and advised her to talk to the property manager if the noise issues continued.

_ Nov. 9 - An officer went to an Abbotsford apartment to serve an arrest warrant on a male subject. The officer met with the man and confirmed that he had an active warrant out of Taylor County with a $590 bond.

The man was taken into custody and transported to the police station, where he posted the bond and was released.

_ Nov. 10 - An officer was dispatched to an Abbotsford apartment in reference to a domestic disturbance. He met with a woman in the hallway who said she heard a lot of yelling and pounding coming from inside one of the apartments.

The officer met with a woman in that apartment, and her television was extremely loud. The officer asked her to turn down the volume so they could speak. He informed her of the domestic disturbance complaint, and she seemed confused. She said she lives alone in the apartment, but had been yelling loudly at her dog. The officer told her to consider her neighbors and how easily sound travels through the apartment.

_ Nov. 10 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby bar in reference to a vehicle that had struck the building earlier that morning.

The officer met with the bar owner, who lives on the premises. He said he was getting ready for bed at about 2:45 a.m. when he heard a loud bang outside. He thought maybe someone struck a nearby tree. He heard someone with a very loud exhaust drive away, but he did not see the vehicle.

The owner said he went to bed after that, but when he woke up later in the morning, he noticed marks from a vehicle leaving the roadway and striking the side of his bar. He also noted that a penny arcade that normally sits against the wall was moved about three feet.

The complainant did not have any idea who may have done it, and he did not have security footage. The officer took pictures of the tire marks and the damage.

_ Nov. 10 - An officer was dispatched to a Colby residence after a woman called 911 but was unable to communicate with dispatchers due to a language barrier. The officer met with the woman, her children and an older male subject who spoke very little English. The woman told the officer that she was just upset because her husband was out drinking with friends. The husband had not returned home at that point, so the officer told the woman to call the police back if she needed assistance.