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District lunch program policies established

The School District of Loyal will maintain accurate records of meals sold and served to students in the National School Lunch Program. Through a computerized lunch accounting program, the District shall maintain family lunch accounts for payments of meals offered to reduced and full-pay students, and for any student who wishes to purchase a second meal. These payments shall be made to the family lunch account in advance of meals offered. When a family lunch account has a zero balance, a student will not be able to use the account to purchase a meal. This will be strictly enforced; students who do not have a positive account balance will be served a peanut butter sandwich and a carton of milk.

Free and reduced price meal applications are available to anyone who qualifies per the current income eligibility guidelines. Decisions regarding free and reduced price meal applications shall be made consistent with legal requirements and established District procedures. These applications are given to each family at the time of school registration or sent home with a student on the first day of school if registration was not made in person, and are available in all the school offices any time during the school year.

Staff members are required to maintain a positive lunch account balance for themselves at all times.

The Supervisor of Food Services is responsible to collect all food service related fees due to the District. Collection of the debt will be made by use of a collection agency or Small Claims Court.