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Kneading Hands Foot Care moves to Cornell

Kneading Hands Foot Care moves to Cornell Kneading Hands Foot Care moves to Cornell
By Julia Wolf

Kneading Hands Foot Care has a new home, after the business relocated to 200 Main Street, Cornell, in early September.

Andrea Christenson, owner of Kneading Hands Foot Care, says the move was fast, but a blessing. She says the smaller location, just an office and bathroom, is just the right amount of space for doing foot care appointments.

The new location also features a barber’s pole from when the building housed a barber shop.

“I think that’s so cool, because it’s just a part of history,” said Christenson, adding she sometimes turns the pole on when she is working.

Christenson says she decided to relocate the business after the previous location came under new management, and the smaller space better fits her needs as she steps away from massage.

“I was just so grateful that this place was available,” said Christenson. “I’m already having a lot of fun being downtown.”

She says owners of the Main Street location were also helpful getting the place set up for the business so quickly. The little space got a facelift, with a wall taken out and another put up, as well as new flooring and moving around some plumbing. Christenson started seeing clients at the new location Sept. 10, less than two weeks from when she decided to move.

Christenson says the decision to stop offering the massage services wasn’t easy, since she had been really busy with massage appointments.

“Being away from it with the COVID situation, I was just able to reconsider a lot of things,” said Christenson.

She says the change allows her to give more time to clients who need foot care.

“I really have a warm spot in my heart for foot care,” said Christenson.

The foot care is kind of like a “medical pedicure,” but nail polish isn’t offered. She says there is also a lot of TLC involved, and that she is a registered nurse and a foot care specialist. “I do give them a nice foot rub at the end of their session,” said Christenson. Some of the foot care patients Christenson sees have vision changes, which makes seeing to do foot care difficult, or have issues with dexterity in their hands or body. The foot care can also benefit those with diabetes, neuropathy or other health conditions. Kneading Hands also offers basic hand care and paraffi n wax treatments, which can soothe arthritis or achy joints. Christenson takes appointments for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and as needed, otherwise. People can schedule an apointment by calling 715-827-1111. Kneading Hands also has a satellite location, located in My Foot RX, in Bloomer, with hours by appointment on Wednesdays.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="261"] Kneading Hands Foot Care has moved to Main Street in Cornell. Owner Andrea Christenson says the smaller space fits her needs, and she is grateful the location was available and ready so quickly. Photo by Julia Wolf[/caption]