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Jacksons mark 75 years of marriage and baseball

Jacksons mark 75 years of marriage and baseball Jacksons mark 75 years of marriage and baseball

held at Rainbow Gardens, with the Rubenzer’s HotShots Band playing.

Bernadine remembers the next day, the couple drove to Bloomer, and stopped to have lunch. While walking along, they met Bernadine’s uncle Henry Paulsen. George and Henry decided to go fishing. Bernadine stayed and visited with her aunt, Jean Paulsen. When the boys came back from fishing, the bride and groom continued on their honeymoon to Medford. The next day, they drove home. George and Bernadine lived, farmed and raised their family at their rural Cadott farm. In 1947, their oldest son, Robert (Robin, now deceased) was born, followed by Jim, Steve, Joe, Bill, Mary Ann, Tom, George and Lori. Enough for their very A rural Cadott couple has reached a milestone few ever do. George and Bernadine (Gilles) Jackson are celebrating their upcoming 75th wedding anniversary.

George graduated from Cadott High School in 1940, and Bernadine graduated from Cadott in 1943. It was during Bernadine’s senior year, when they began dating. They would sometimes go to movies together.

George attended UW-Eau Claire, hitchhiking to the university from his grandfather’s home in Chippewa Falls. Bernadine attended vocational school in Eau Claire for a time, and did not have to hitchhike, before she began working at Citizen’s State Bank in Cadott, in June 1943.

Baseball has been a favorite pastime of the Jackson family, and George played baseball, so Bernadine became a baseball fan.

“I’ve been going to baseball games ever since,” said Bernadine, noting she has become a fan of the sport so much so, that she enjoys watching it on TV. “He was a real good player. Then, he managed for many years.”

The couple wed Wednesday, May 15, 1945, at 9 a.m. The reason for a Wednesday wedding, was that Father A.J. Ausman said they were not to be having such a good time on early Sunday morning.

Following the church ceremony, the couple and the wedding party drove to Eau Claire, to have pictures taken at a studio, since the photographers did not come around to photograph weddings.

After picture-taking, the happy couple were treated to a lavish dinner at the bride’s parents’ home. A dance was also trip. Once, they went to Canada.

“We had friends up there and went up to see them,” said Bernadine.

Another trip was going out to Arizona, to visit Bernadine’s twin brother. George and Bernadine also went to Georgia to visit their son, Bill, when he was stationed there with the Marines.

Baseball remained a big part of their lives, with each of the kids playing, even the girls.

“We had a ballfield right up in our yard here, and the neighbor kids would come up and play ball,” said Bernadine.

The couple has made friends across the county and beyond, through baseball.

Last summer, George was inducted into the Chippewa River Valley Baseball League Hall of Fame.

Hunting and fishing were also important. The hunting camp in the Perkinstown area, started in 1949, remains a gathering place. George continues to spend time there each hunting season. In about 1969, they built the “new” hunting shack.

“The new one is pretty old,” said George.

“It’s still fun going up there,” said Bernadine.

George also went ice fishing and continued to tie his own flies into his 90s.

Bernadine always had a bountiful garden and made wonderful meals for her family. Her talents continue to show in the afghans she works on daily. Bernadine also worked as a poll worker for the Town of Goetz for many years.

Bernadine says being agreeable is one of the keys to a long-lasting marriage.

“It’s tougher than you thought” said George with a laugh, when reflecting on their long marriage.

Bernadine says they have had a lot of good times together over the years.

Since coronavirus has put a hold on gatherings for the time being, a parade to celebrate the couple will be held Friday, May 15, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Parade-goers are asked to go by before 1 p.m., since the couple naps in the afternoon.

The rain date for the parade is Saturday, May 16. Those driving by are encouraged to go north on County Hwy. EE and take a right onto 100th Avenue. George and Bernadine live in the second house on the left.

Those who are unable to make the parade, but would like to send their well-wishes, can mail cards to the couple at 28514 100th Ave., Cadott, WI, 54727.

own baseball team. The family has continued to grow over the years, with 16 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren on the way. Their daughter, Mary Ann (Creaser), remembers growing up on the dead end Yellow River Road, where other families along the road also had children. “We do have the picture when we used to go swimming down the road, with all the neighbor kids, and George and I on the Jeep,” said Bernadine.

“Almost everybody on the road is on the Jeep,” said Mary Ann. Even with the farm, George and Bernadine occasionally were able to get away for a