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Now is the time to call before any digging projects

It’s more important than ever for communities to remain safe and connected to critical utility services, including internet and other communications lines. For anyone planning projects that require digging this spring in Wisconsin – including homeowners and contractors – Diggers Hotline reminds them to utilize online portals to enter requests electronically, to notify the affected utility companies and have important underground lines marked prior to breaking ground.

Diggers Hotline is processing locate requests filed on the phone or an online portal, designed especially for Wisconsin homeowners.

When homeowners file a locate request with Diggers Hotline, the service then notifies the appropriate utility companies of the project and they in turn send out professional locaters, to mark any underground lines with flags or paint at the project site.

Regardless of project size, homeowners are required to contact Diggers Hotline three working days prior to any project that involves digging. Many common household projects, such as installing a fence or mailbox, laying a patio, or simply planting a tree or shrub, require a locate request first.

Over time, utility lines can shift under the soil for a variety of reasons, including erosion, previous digging projects and uneven surfaces. Regardless of previous knowledge of existing lines, homeowners are required to file a new request for each project when digging, since lines can be just inches below the surface.

April is National Safe Digging Month, which began in 2008, as a way to promote the safe digging message during a month when digging activity begins in earnest nationwide.

Diggers Hotline can be reached by dialing 811 or at DiggersHotline. com.